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BattleCraft ORPG by dragonslarger

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Level 9
Nov 14, 2010
Now since my TCOAK (The crowning of a king) died in a virus.I decided to start another map obviously u can tell i love rpg/orpg.But this time no high res!I am using a custum UTM for models and if you want to join team clicky:fp: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/project-recruitment-256/battlecraft-orpg-name-pending-204677/
Plz tell me on any improvements because this is gonna be a very good map if u tell me wat i neeed to improve!

----------------------------TERRAIN SHOTS------------------------------
Terrain shot 1 (1st of october 2011)
This is a pic of the starting area in the mountian tops the village is called:Dumbervil.



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Level 18
Mar 21, 2008
My little gray cells are itching that a couple of light doodads indoor (For nights) would not hurt at all.
Also you could fight with the tinting color of the doodads that use the same texture as the well, as a bit of blue could be removed from them, making them more gray like. Instead of silly blue.
And maybe as the archways are supposed to look like they are part of the forest you could probably add some long Viny Plants, or any other plants there, making it look more overgrown.
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