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Battle Mage

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
One of my recent skins, imo its not that great. Skinned for a project, mainly free-hand and a tiny bit of re-colour

Battle, mage, magician, wizard, druid

Battle Mage (Texture)

Archian: Lacking...
Level 5
Jul 11, 2004
Randy needs to learn when to stop being an idiot...

The clothing is well done, and even though the lines aren't shaded, I take it you spent a while trying to make them look perfect. THIS SKIN IS AWESOME!!!

Wat da Fuk did i do ? Eusira jappanese shit is a true idiot,,,i did not say this skin suck,,i never gave bad comments to anything on this site or to anyone on this site fuker,,cause Wormskull always comments about skins and tell peoples should do this and that,,,thats why im was makin fun of him a-ss,,,you need to learn how not to being an as-shole to other peoples,,,you started to pissing me off in other post cause what ? ,,my experiences and stuffs better than you ? ,,i can put my name in my map cause you can not ?,,im a true CANADIEN and you're not one of them ?,,grow up man ,,you act like you're about 3 years old definitely,,,you're lucky this is online, if ya in real life and talk shit like this,,,oh man you gonna bleeds in 5 seconds dude,,stop acting like a jerk cause your things arent better than peoples, try hard and learn more !

Once again i repeat,,i was makin fun of Wormskull, i dont say no skins are suck,,and i never give bad comments to peoples stuffs.