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Battle for all

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This map is a custom map which is as close to melee as i could get it.there are 21 custom units 19 of them have custom models.this map has a working AI but the AI acts normally and does not create any of my "Extra" units.To complete the maps "extra" features i added 6 custom items which can be gained in the center of the 12 player map.the map is not protected and has a changelog in the trigger editer, the map is based of Divide and conquer, i wanted to release this map to the public(not my original intensions)becuase i want to spend all my spare time Practising Skining, i changed the terrain of the map to a more suitable feeling,all units most of the units are well balanced.There is 1 more thing, i want to thank the people who created models and skins that i used these people are:

Happy Tuaren
Vermillion Edict

custom, melee,

Battle for all (Map)

17:52, 26th Jan 2013 Orcnet: comment
Level 6
Jan 15, 2010
... WRONG! The map itself IS created by blizz. You just edited it and made it non-melee. Every wc3 player who played this game for more then atleast 8 years would recognize the epic-sized maps. You didnt even thanked blizz for their original map! -.-
You are correct that the map was created by blizzard.the map I made was rushed becuase I wanted to practise skinning and so it is unprotected so that users can make of the map what they will. This map was originally called Divide and Conquer I only replaced the terrain and added the extra suff. I am sorry if readers of this page misunder stood my intentions
Dear Readers:
I ask only 2 favors if you edit this map please do them for me.
Favor 1: Please do not protect this map unless really necessary I want many users to learn from it and start there own awsome maps

Favor 2: I ask you this last favor, To please give credits to all those who have helped with this map.

Thank you all for reading patiently at what I had to say.