Baine with all of Cairne animations

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I made a simple, yet different model for Baine.
This model uses all of Caine's animations and it's perfect to use in any campaign.
I will soon upload a more unique tauren model to be used.

About the model:
  • it uses the default tauren chieftain as a base
  • different horns from tauren unit with some geoset edits
  • uses Caine's totems and similar ornaments
Check out my other work here:
  • Added iconic wow weapon made in reforged
Hope you enjoy it!
All feedback is welcomed.

Baine Bloodhoof (Model)

Baine Bloodhoof portrait (Model)

Baine Chieftain (Model)

Baine Chieftain portrait (Model)

Level 27
Mar 11, 2017
is there actually an original Baine model?
unfortunatly no. Even when we select the reforged baine model we get the spirit walker.
I used the Tauren Chieftain because he is very closed to Baine original tauren model.
I wanted him to look like his original wow model because it was more bad ass :D

I will try to see if I can also make a model similar to the new model in wow. But I am no @vindorei :D
I also really love how the default model for tauren chieftain looks. He also uses the axe that old baine was using in the cataclysm dungean
Dungean boss baine
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