Assault the Throne (2.1)

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Assault The Throne

Based on Starcraft II's "Co-Op Commanders" mode.

Up to 4 players unite against the Scourge in this classic Strategy map.
The game automatically saves your experience, unlocking new units, upgrades and abilities as you play the map again in future. No save code required!

This map is Reforged Only.

Gameplay Video:

Assault the Throne is a 2-4 Player Co-Operative strategy game.

Players select from a variety of custom races, and together have to defeat the huge Undead presence on the map. Destroying bases gives the players XP, which is automatically saved and carries forward to your next game.

Resource Gathering is not necessary in this map - you get gold automatically, but can capture gold mines from the undead to get more resources. The secondary resource, Crystal, can be obtained by destroying undead bases or defeating the attacking undead.

The Undead will attack the players every Night. Each night is stronger than the last, so don't just sit back and defend!

Additionally, Frostmourne will "Awaken" after 15 minutes. When it does, it's game over! Destroying bases though will delay the Awakening, so make sure to go on the offensive during the day.

Once the game is completed (either you win, or lose) your XP is saved for future games - unlocking new units, upgrades and passive bonuses, allowing you to take on higher difficulty modes.

Other Features:

If you want a bit of randomization or an extra challenge, you can vote to activate up to 3 Mutators. Each one added increases the difficulty of the game in a fairly random way, and provides and extra 20% experience per mutator.
For more detail, see the "Mutator" Tab of the Assault the Throne General Information Guide.

When you reach level 10 on any race, you can reset that race back to level 1, and gain a "Prestige" level.
Prestige is account wide - so once you have it, its benefits apply to all races.

With Prestige, you gain access to the Mercenary Camp which can be built once you've upgraded your main base to the second tier in any game.
There are 12 unique mercenaries, and for each prestige level you have, you can access a random mercenary for that game. For example, if you have 2 Prestige levels, you will get 2 random Mercenaries.

Mercenaries are powerful, 1-unit limited special units that often provide unique bonuses to your army. For more information, check the "Merceneries" tab of the Assault the Throne General Information Guide.


Current Features:
- 6 Unique Races Company of Heroes, Crusaders, Demons, Gaia, Naga, Trolls.
- 20+ Randomized Mutators
- Over 45 different enemy types - randomized at the beginning of each game.
- 4 Difficulty Modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme) with an additional bonus difficulty mode for those who really grind out the map's XP curve.
- Prestige System - if you reach level 10 on a race, you can reset back to level 1 and gain account-wide access to special Neutral units.

- No base game abilities! All spells and abilities are completely custom!
- 30+ Unique random neutral items obtainable throughout the game.
- Automatic real world Date/Time detection, granting special bonuses on weekends.

Upcoming Features:
- 1 Planned new race: Nerubian.
- More Mutators!
- More unique neutral items!
- Progress beyond Prestige 12.
- Automatic seasonal events using the Date/Time detection.

The Panda
Blood Raven
General Frank
Don Valentino
Mr Ogreman
Creators of the Warcraft Re-Reforged Project for some of their wonderful, high quality models. (e.g. MrOgreMan)

Halfbreed's Excoriate (Q) skill deals more damage, scales a little stronger, and has a lower cooldown.
Nathrezim's Q skill deals way more damage now.
Nathrezim's Culling Strikes passive is much stronger.
Nathrezim's auto attack is stronger, and faster.
Nathrezim's W skill is more mana intensive.
Eredar's auto attack is much stronger. Summons 2 felhounds per cast by default. Upgrade makes it 3. Slightly reduced mana cost and cooldown.
Blood of the Fallen Upgrade deals way more damage.
Annihilator upgrade also causes the green fire shots to deal triple damage.
Infernals' permanent immolation is stronger.

Moonlight Greatsword item use ability deals more damage, slightly larger width and recovers more mana to the user.

Added AFK Checker. Type "-afk" to remove players who go AFK.
Added 3 new Mutators: Infestation, Scourge Runes, Soulnados.
Bomb Disposal Mutator now pings the location of all bombs, and the codes needed to defuse are generally shorter.
Bombardment Mutator is slightly more frequent, and its impact is faster.

Bug Fixes
Text no longer bugs out if you previously played a different map that imported text templates.

Eredar are more expensive.
Succubus are cheaper.
Nether Dragons are cheaper, and have a faster attack speed.
Some high level upgrades have lower race level requirements now. (e.g. Heart of Darkness, Dispersion).
Dispersion ability is stronger.
Inferno Cannons cost less gold, but more crystal.

Tuskarr Dispel is now an AoE, but has to be manually cast. (This change is because the default auto-dispel AI doesn't understand that some effects like "Fel Rage" are actually positive).

Bug Fixes
Scourge Runes (Mutator) are no longer invisible. (Ouch)

Wisp heal ability fixed to no longer target mechanical units.
Level 2 Passive bonus fixed to correctly give 2 Saplings, not 3.

Locusts should no longer just fly around randomly.

Infestation mutator is now a 50% chance to spawn a locust from any unit owned by Yellow / Orange. This is to remove a potential crash.

Added new item: Archmage's Staff (Suggestion by Pogohopper)

Bug Fix
Reinstated the loading screen, which was broken by World Editor's amazing "corrupt all your imports" feature.

This is the final update (barring any major bugs) before the release of the next race. Stay tuned!

- You earn 10% more XP when playing on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!
- 4 New Mutators:
Man Your Defences, Total Chaos, Spell Absorption, Burning Dead.
- 4 New Neutral Items: Mask of Madness, Rune of Avarice, Gleaming Shield, Spatial Manipulation Wand.
- Type "-clear" to remove text messages.
- Ally levels/races are now displayed on the interface at the top right. You can minimize it with the nearby button.

- Catapults slightly more expensive, DPS slightly reduced.

- Inferno cannons more expensive, DPS reduced.

Gnarlroots more expensive, DPS slightly reduced.

- Crystal Gold gives less crystal, but more gold.
- Archmage's staff cooldown is longer, and transports only 10 units.
- Experience Shard grants much more experience now.

Skybreaker Spire no long has multi-shot, but it deals more damage than before.

- Soulnados mutator now makes 4 tornados, but they're stronger and bigger than before. They also ping their locations less often. (Should reduce lag induced)
- Hotkey fix for Purifier.
- Description fix for Dryad.
- Description fix for Gaia attack / armor upgrades.
- Tooltip fix for Inquisitor Regeneration Aura.

Bug Fixes
Deathknight's Accursed Strike should apply its debuff correctly now.
Gleaming Shield active ability now works correctly.

Added 2 new items: Artisan's Glyph, Scarab Carapace.

Trolls have been added to the game!
This new race has entirely ranged attackers, with a big focus on buff spells.

More prominent players have been added as Critters!
Default game interface is now "Undead" style. The human style doesn't really fit with some races. (Voice over is a mix of non-undead announcers)

Bug Fixes
Netherwhelp tooltips fixed.
You can no longer place structures near Frostmourne.
Improved Fel Rage [Felguard Upgrade] healing fixed.
Other Hybrid (base game + special code) buffs fixed.
Ursa's "Mark of the Claw" tooltip corrected.
Graverobber's "Haste Aura" values fixed.
Elven Bow tooltip fixed.
Frostmourne attachment points fixed.
Procurement Pedestal spelling fixed.
Felbolt (Nathrezim W) Tooltip fixed.
Warlock Devour tooltip fixed.
Interface Exploit fixed.

Balance Changes
The majority of underused items in player shops have been greatly buffed (especially mana / healing items).
Frostmourne is now immune to Rune of Suppression.
Mutator "Spell Absorption" is now 50 + (50 Per Tier) absorption. (down from 100 per tier)

Flurry upgrade no longer grants a passive 25% attack speed, but the active ability cooldown is slightly shorter.
Smite (Laboratory ability) is now researchable at level 7.

Ursa Mark of the Claw upgrade grants +2 life, down from +3. (Old tooltip was incorrect)
Tornado (Commune of Cenarius ability) is now researchable at level 7.

Bug Fixes
Voodoo Shaman's "Partake" no longer gives erroneous amounts of mana.
"-zoom" command is no longer case sensitive.
Azure Drake and Tuskarr Soothsayer are properly considered Mercenary units.

Balance Changes

Blade Tracker's Whirling Axes deals much less damage, and 50% less to structures, but has a lower mana cost.
Blade Tracker's Grievous Throw cannot target buildings, but it costs less mana, has a shorter cooldown, and can still bounce onto buildings.
Blade Tracker's Juju Potion has a longer cooldown, and correctly deals 50% less damage to structures.
Voodoo Shaman's “Partake” no longer affects mechanical units.

Scarlet Hand's Divine Slash now has +50 damage baseline.

Halfbreed's Excoriate now has +35 damage baseline.

Azure Drake is now cheaper.
Tuskarr Soothsayer is more expensive.

The Undead have gained 2 new units! At Tier 2: Plague Rat, and at Tier 5: Desecrated Diretroll.
Abominations (Tier 5) have more health and more attack damage.

Bug Fixes
The Hidden Difficulty mode is properly accessible now.
A lot of hero's "Learn" Hotkeys have been fixed.

Balance Changes
Energy Spire (built by "Artisan's Glyph") deals more damage.

General Changes
+10 seconds to choose difficulty mode.
-5 seconds to choose race.

The game will wait for 2 seconds at the beginning to load all player data. This is to ensure the Hidden Difficulty mode unlocks correctly.
All XP is now saved whenever an undead base is destroyed or the game ends in victory / defeat.
1 New Mutator: "Injured Reinforcements".

Shinigami have less health and armor, and are properly considered melee units. Their cleave is also a little weaker, but ignores armor now.
Icecrown Shades have more health, and slightly higher damage.
New Unit: Skeletal Tauren (Tier 4).

3 New Items: Nonagonal Peridot, Volatile Concoction, Searing Egg

Lobbers are more expensive.
Bat Riders are considerably cheaper.
Spirit Empowerment (Voodoo Shaman E Skill) has a lower cooldown and mana cost.
Gurubashi Blooddrinker slightly more expensive.
Voodoo Blast (Voodoo Shaman Q Skill) deals less damage.

Boar Farm generates slightly less food. It takes all 30 boars now to reach 250 food.
Succubus "To Die For" revives faster, sacrifices less units, and gets more health back per unit sacrificed.

Bug Fixes
Voodoo Mask spelling mistake fixed.
Fixed Locusts, Icecrown Shades and Bastions being unable to attack Serpent Wards.
Critterize (Serpent Loa spell) now notifies all players when it's cast (like other Global Spells).

A small simple cinematic has been added at the start of the game. All player data is loaded during this time.
2 New Mutators: Cleave Riot, Aura Bearers

2 new items: Fist of the Titan, Null Orb
Medallion of Purity item has been replaced by Medallion of Courage.
Phoenixes summoned by Searing Egg are weaker, and you can only control 1 at a time.
Energy Spire (summoned by Artisan's Glyph) deals more damage and has longer range.
Nonagonal Peridot is now "Septagonal Peridot"
Volatile Concoction active ability lasts half as long, but deals the same damage as before.
Moonlight Greatsword's maximum mana bonus is reduced.

Serpent Wards summoned by Serpent Loa have more damage.
Bat Riders attack more slowly, but their attack damage has been increased.

Deep Breath research is cheaper.
Manufactorum research is cheaper.

Nathrezim's "Q" ability no longer makes him invisible / invulnerable / unable to act for 2 seconds. It simply fires out the carrion swarms.

Bug Fixes
Succubus train tooltip and ability tooltip now match.
Faceless Impersonator now retains its name if it morphs into a Warlock and casts Devour, or a Gurubashi Blooddrinker and levels up.
Volatile Concoction and Naaru Lifestaff no longer share a cooldown.
Voodoo Shaman's "E" ability now correctly buffs heroes, and the buff levels up correctly.
Player 3 (Teal)'s hero (at level 9+) should no longer spawn stuck in trees.
Man Your Defences mutator correctly stops trolls building towers.
Nathrezim hero no longer acts weirdly after casting his Q ability.
Mojo and Partake (Troll hero "D" abilities) no longer cause other ability icons to disappear temporarily.
Druidic Talon and Scarab Carapace stats have been corrected to match their tooltips.
Gurubashi Blooddrinker no longer has his speed permanently crippled if he reaches level 5 while affected by a slowing effect.
The top right player level display no longer updates to "saved" values when a player leaves the game.

Undead have gained 4 new units: Rime Stalker (T3), Pyre Stalker (T3), Dusk Stalker (T4), Twisted Wight (T5)
Undead have gained a new hero: Blood Queen, Lana'thel.

Balance Changes

Sprites have more mana, more health, more damage, and their sap ability's positive effect lasts much longer. They are also affected by armor upgrades.

All Races
Artillery units can now destroy trees (Gnarlroot, Catapult, Lobber, Inferno Cannon)

"Mutator Aura: Slow" and "Mutator Aura: Weakness" are stronger than before.

Bug Fixes
Fist of the Titan and Null Orb no longer share a cooldown.
Darkkolor's critter will spawn now.

1.5.1a -- Fixed a desync at the start of the game.

Added 1 New Neutral item: Auric Alacrity.

Frostmourne has a new ability: Extermination Beam.
Blood Queen hero has more damage on her skills.
Blood Queen is an Intelligence hero now, and her auto-attack deals Anti-armor type.
Deathknight's Death Coil Blast ability has a shorter cooldown.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the top-right player info display from breaking if you start the game with less than 4 players.
Gurubashi Blooddrinker's tooltip no longer cuts off.
Summoning Gem is correctly giving +200 mana, and not the ranged "Courage" buff.
Summoing a Phoenix (from Searing Egg) no longer prints debug numbers.

The Company of Heroes is now playable!
This race has no basic units aside from builders and item couriers. You can control up to 7 heroes at once from a selection of 12.

The large patch of trees in front of each player's base has been removed.
There are many more ramps / shallow water entries into undead bases now, allowing hovering units to attack from other angles.

Apparition (Tier 1) has been removed.
New Units: Acolyte (Tier 1), Spite (Tier 2), Ghast (Tier 3), Vengewraith (Tier 5).
Icecrown Shade is now a Tier 3 unit, but has less health / damage than before.
Many undead units that "hover" can now cross water. (e.g. Shadow Lich, Shinigami, Obsidian Statue)
Ghostly units (like Banshees, or the Phantasmal Shade hero) can move over cliffs, trees and water.

Frostmourne's "Extermination Beam" deals less damage.

Tome of Great Power no longer grants +1 level, but gives +4 all stats now.

Dragonhawk Riders have less base attack damage, and cost more gold/food. Their Magic Bolt ability costs more mana, but deals more damage.
Pyromancers can cross deep water - because they hover.

Will-o-Wisp can cross deep water - because it hovers.

New Neutral item: King Slayer

Company of Heroes
Level up costs and initial training costs of most heroes reduced.

Bug Fixes
Company of Heroes' towers can attack air now.
Slosh (Innkeeper's ability) has the correct hotkey now.

Ghostly classification removed. It caused bugs with AoE detection, by classifying them as air. Instead, those units are Hover now.
Shadow Lich, Phantasmal Shade, Undying Cryomancer heroes now classified as Hover.

New Neutral item: Prismatic Edge.

Company of Heroes
Assassin has more base health and attack damage.
Globomancer has considerably more auto-attack DPS now.
Some Cosmarium upgrades are accessible at lower level now.
Cavalier's Kingdom Come has a larger AOE, shorter cooldown, and more initial and scaling damage.
Cavalier's Unparalleled Scaling ability now gives an extra +5 all stats if he reaches level 20.
Magister's Arcane Bolt deals slightly more damage.

Bug Fixes
Banshees and Lost Souls no longer clip through the floor.
Assassin requires less than 7 heroes to be trainable (like all other heroes).
Super Acidic Potion correct inflicts -1 armor.
Universal Healing no longer heals mechanical units.
Rank 5 of Strength Hero health upgrade for Company of Heroes has the correct tech requirement.
Fragmentation Missile, once upgraded, can be Auto-cast again.

Injured Reinforcements mutator removed.
2 New Mutators: Acidic Rupture, Death Rage

A new hero has been added: The Gravewaker. Watch out for her army of water-walking skeletons!
2 new units:
Necrotic Slime (Tier 3), Gravemold Amalgam (Tier 4)

2 new items: Tarnished Trident, Rune of Command.
Faceless Impersonator cannot transform into a unit that costs more than 12 food, but its training cost has been significantly reduced and can now copy even magic immune units (yes, that includes Shinigami).


HP and Damage of Pyromancers increased.
HP of Red Dragon slightly decreased.

Bug Fixes:
Prismatic Edge and Kingslayer items will no longer cause your hero to become unresponsive.
Crystallize Mana for Demons and Trolls now works properly.
Spirit Channeler (Company of Heroes Item) displays a cooldown now.
Aura Bearers mutator displays the correct information in the Mutator Info panel.
Various undead units tooltips have been updated and standardized to the same format as other abilities.

A QR Code can be displayed to give easier access to the discord server while in-game.

Undead has a new Tier 4 unit: Necrolyte.

2 New items: Orb of Nature's Fury, Mercenary Contract


Halfbreed hero can now fly over water.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that causes your race to be assigned incorrectly when clicking buttons on the race selection screen too rapidly as the timer expires.
Undead units should no longer interrupt themselves when using channeling spells. (e.g. Ghast's "Ghostly Chains" ability)

1.7.1a - Hotfix to QR Code display being synced across all players. Hotfix for undead attack waves and units not moving.

Naga have been added to the game! Command an amphibious army with upgradable units. Use your extremely powerful Sea Witch and her personal Royal Guards.

Phantasmal Shade's "Soul Burst" ability has been replaced with "Wave of Despair" which deals damage to enemies in a wide, expanding line.
Undying Cryomage's "Icicle Barrage" deals slightly more damage.
Necrolyte (Tier 4) mana costs of abilities increased, and its Drain Life is weaker.

Bug Fixes
Gravewaker's Arisen Thawing now correctly knockbacks units, and not buildings.
Electrified Aegis correctly gives +2 armor.
Raid Leader no longer displays as "Level 7" (just a cosmetic fix)

Royal Guard has a lot more base stats and stats per adapt.
Murloc Reaver has higher health. Adapt is cheaper.
Snap Dragon adapt gives more health, and is cheaper.
Naga Sea Witch attribute upgrade is much stronger.
Dragon Turtles are more expensive. Kraken shell is weaker.
Myrmidons cost less, and do more damage.
Murloc Sparkcaster adapt is cheaper.

New level 4 bonus: Allied units and structures within 10000 range of your start position get +2 armor.
New level 9 bonus: Allied units within 10000 range of your start position get +1.5 hp/s and +10% movement speed.

Phantasmal Shade's "Wave of Despair" now deals damage instantly, and deals the correct damage to units.
Phantasmal Shade's "Splinter Soul" replaced with a new ability: "Soul Fissure".
The final central base has a slightly smaller alarm radius -- units will not come charging at you until you commit to the attack.
Tier 2 tower at the second gold mine base has been slightly repositioned to prevent strange pathing from amphibious units.

Added a "-notips" text command: removes all the basic game text at the beginning.

Bug Fixes
Phantasmal Shade's "Wave of Despair" is dealing the correct damage to units now.
Naga Sea Witch's "Null Bolt" displays the correct name in the learn tooltip.
Murloc Warrior's adapt shows the correct values now.

You can now vote for to add up to 3 Mutators Simultaneously!
Each one grants +20% bonus XP.
The Mutators "Slow Aura" and "Variety is the Spice of Undeath" have been removed.
3 new Mutators have been added: Rapidfire Fortifications, Plague Artillery, Exploding Corpses

Undead have 4 new heroes: Darkbringer, Forsaken Ranger, Flesh Monstrosity, Forgotten Soul

Undead have 4 new basic units: Malevolence (Tier 2), Hunter (Tier 2), Scythebone (Tier 3), Albtraum (Tier 5).
Pale Rider's "Death Grip" deals a lot more damage.
Undying Cryomancer's "Circle of Ice" deals more damage.
Shadow Lich's "Soul Drain" and "Death and Decay" deal more damage.
Phantom Archer's "Arrow Barrage" has a lower cooldown and mana cost.

Added 2 new neutral items: Lionwind Banner, Azeroth's Will.

Units which adapt but don't change unit type (e.g. Snap Dragons) now get a visual change such as a color tint or size difference once adapted.
Neptulon's Wrath (Eye of the Ocean ability) deals slightly more damage.
Douse (Eye of the Ocean ability) has a larger AoE, and reduced mana cost.

Company of Heroes
Innkeeper's "Bottoms Up!" now heals a static amount of life and mana, improving with each level. At lower levels, it's stronger than before, but significantly weaker later on.
Lightbringer's "Inspiration" buff lasts a much shorter duration.
Globomancer now has a global range teleport skill to make up for him being unaffected by other teleport spells / abilities.
Stalwart deals significantly less auto attack damage than before, and his upgrade gives him less armor / mana bonus.
Summoner's Golem has less base damage, but has improved scaling. It's weaker at lower levels, but stronger later on as a result.
Coordinator's "Fragmentation Missile" has reduced damage at all levels.

Wolves summoned by "Nightpack Ambush" (Commune of Cenarius ability) no longer have reduced damage versus structures. Effectively, they deal 5x what they did before to structures.

Felhounds deal 50% less damage to structures, and their base damage has been reduced significantly too.

Bug Fixes
Fixed that some races could still build towers during the "Man Your Defences" mutator.
Top Right info display no longer cuts to a new line when a player is using the Company of Heroes.
It's no longer possible to mismatch your race by clicking another race during the initial loading sequence. The interface is closed before that occurs now.
Dragonspawn Demolisher's Aura was incorrectly replaced in the last version. It is back to its original design now.
Fixed the tooltip of Murloc Reavers when adapted.
The Gaia Moonwell Flask item was incorrectly replaced in the last version with the Naga Mana Signet. It's back again.
The "-notips" command now also blocks tips from destroying a Relic Tomb or purifying a fountain.

The XP Curve has been majorly rebalanced. The XP needed to level up is generally much flatter than before, with total experience needed overall reduced. The first few levels however require slightly more XP.
All XP Multipliers are now additive, instead of multiplicative.

Once you have played a game of 2.0, you CANNOT go back to an older version or your save data will be deleted.
The game is now harder at all difficulty levels except easy. Normal and Hard modes now have more undead heroes, and undead spawn rates have generally increased.

New Neutral item: Magebane Charm
Azeroth's Will's summoned Golem's ability "Azeroth's Grasp" lasts much less time on heroes.
Acid Rupture mutator no longer reduces armor, but deals more damage and affects magic immune units now.

Ocean's Eye ability "Wrath of Neptulon" has slightly less damage, and slightly more mana cost. It's still slightly stronger than it was in 1.8, but weaker than 1.9.
Sea Turtles cost more crystal, but have more maximum health.
Dragon Turtles have less max health, less regeneration, less movement speed, less armor, but more damage.
Added a Hotkey to "Flow Like Water" ability of Naga Siren / Vizier.

Company of Heroes
Globomancer's Arcane Fall drops more meteors over a shorter duration (total damage unaffected), and the damage reduction debuff lasts much longer.
Globomancer's Geobind is cheaper to cast.
Globomancer's global cooldown is shorter.

Undead have gained a new hero:
Risen Pyromancer.
Undead heroes deal more auto-attack damage than before.

Undead have a new unit: Exhumed Ranger (Tier 4)
Forsaken Ranger's Crossfrost deals more damage.
Phantom Archer's Arrow Barrage deals more damage.
Undead has access to more unit types at all difficulty levels.

Bug Fixes
Lionwind Banner fixed.
Spell Absorption Mutator now correctly gives a stronger shield to higher tier units.
The Albtraum (Tier 5) unit portrait no longer spins.
Bomb Disposal mutator sometimes didn't display its text. It is viewable by clicking the bomb (where its name would be). Bombs now spawn every 45 seconds, and ping less often.
Bombardment Mutator sometimes shot a very fast projectile. It has been renamed to "Eruption" and now no longer has a projectile, and the damage is instant (not over time).

Destroying Tier 2 or higher bases now grants considerably more experience.
Destroying Frostmourne grants a large amount of bonus experience.
Extreme mode has a higher experience multiplier.

Undead have 1 new basic unit: Carrion Bat (Tier 2)
Undead hero damage multipliers are slightly lower on Hard and above difficulty.
Undead unit spawn rate is very slightly lower at Normal and above difficulty.

2 new neutral items: Hungry Loop, Bloodtap Band.

Bug Fixes
Lionwind Banner negative armor debuff is corrected.
Orb of Nature's Fury no longer allows some melee heroes to attack air.
During the "Fog of War" Mutator, you won't see random bits of terrain revealed.

If you see any bugs or have comments / questions, please join my discord and I'll be happy to talk with you!
I also share Source Code snippets of the map on request - so if you see any interesting skills or abilities, I'll be happy to share with you.

Special Thanks:
Arxos for writing the WCSharp C# project.
Drake53 for heading the development of C# Warcraft III.
SketchFro for his amazing artwork. (
CanFight for help with some custom models.
The Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged Project for some excellent HD models.[/hidden]

Assault the Throne 2.1 (Map)

Seems like a really nifty altered melee-offense map. Approved.


Hosted Project: SC
Level 5
Jan 17, 2015
An interesting idea, but I think some screenshots and a list of mutators would be nice.
Also, does it work somewhat like melee, or are there custom objectives?
Adding this info might make it more interesting for people to try out :smile:
Level 13
Aug 31, 2009
An interesting idea, but I think some screenshots and a list of mutators would be nice.
Also, does it work somewhat like melee, or are there custom objectives?
Adding this info might make it more interesting for people to try out :smile:

So it works mainly like a melee game, but with no resource gathering - you can capture extra gold mines to get more resources.
There's no special objectives (yet), but I might add them in future. The main objective is just to destroy Frostmourne, but there's many optional bases you can destroy for more XP.

I'll add some more detail to the front page perhaps.

As for the mutators, I'll list the names, but the effects I want to keep secret - they're supposed to be a surprise.
Last edited:
Level 13
Aug 31, 2009
Updated to 1.2

Most notable changes are an experience bonus when playing on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (yep, it can detect the real world date now!) a -clear command to get rid of text on the screen, ally level/race information, 4 new mutators and 4 new neutral items.
Level 1
Aug 16, 2018
Having an issue the last couple days, when we play, the game will crash someone around when night time starts. Happens every time. Not sure what could be causing it. Used an older and the newest version.
Level 13
Aug 31, 2009
It helps to restart your WC3 client before playing. Also increasing your PC's pagefile or physical storage space usually works.

Unfortunately, this is not something I can fix at all - it's all because of the way that Blizzard's Lua cleans up garbage data. Or rather, how badly it cleans up that data.

And as you can see, it's pretty random -- even older versions will suddenly start crashing you, even if they didn't before.
Level 3
Jun 8, 2018
Exactly the type I like, make me remember Holy War, unfortunately I did get refunded for reforged, saw someone play, good work !