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Asking for models

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Level 4
Jan 23, 2008
Could someone tell me where i can get some good anime models
like (naruto, DBZ, Bleach, and anyother cool anime you know)
sorry that i just posted this thread just to get models but i wanna make a dota style map and x hero siege type map with anime characters, i think it would be very cool so could you please tell??

your AzN fren.
Off-Topic forum is definatly a wrong place to post request. And Naruto/DBZ/FF request threads has alredy been posted a million of times.

Check on this thread to see how you can get these models. Though you'll require some amount of rep and a good motivation why you want these models.
Level 17
Nov 26, 2007
How many of these Anime Junkies come to this site? Holy crap. Dont worry, this is a fairly new idea that no one thought of before. I mean who the hell would think of a Naruto DBZ hero AoS???!?! You're so original.

But no seriously, go search the request threads, also the latest DBZ map on this site is unprotected and has anything DBZ in it. So look there.

Excuse my jackass sarcasim, im just like that
Level 4
Jan 2, 2008
if you can rpove you have a map i can give you some models from
one piece
final fantasy

not all but some if you prove you got a map
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