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My fourth belated entry for the Timeless Texturing event. If you got the time, come join us!

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Texturing Contest #6 Northrend/Icecrown
"Each contestant must create a Northrend/Icecrown themed skin. Can be a Death Knight, Undead creature, or some sort of creep that would be found in Northrend/in Icecrown."

Archmage, Undead, Death Knight, Necromancer

Archnecromancer (Texture)

ArchnecromancerLOW (Texture)

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Level 11
Nov 25, 2014
I love the face/head, yeah, just need some contrast, but the pale skin looks great for some grim ambiance. This could be like a guardian of cold death or something. Or maybe Hades-esque unit. But the cloak/robe can be in greyish colour, that will look good for that theme.

No matter, awesome work!
Level 17
Oct 7, 2014
Ohhh Arch Necromancer nice work here.
The skin is made well with detailing there. just like what they said before it needs some contrast in some parts. The human and the horse blends too well with each other. It's kind of indistinguishable when referring to the picture although I haven't tested it ingame. Also, another thing is the skull horse definitely looks great so why not use the skeleton texture for the whole body of the horse and it also goes well with the red-black headcollar.
Level 22
Dec 30, 2007
Yet another entry to the Timeless Texturing event! You are on fire! Love it! However, I'm gonna have to ask you to upload this in a smaller dimension. The filesize is too big at the moment. Do so and I will approve this.
I was afraid of that! I'll get on it as soon as I feel like wrestling with the alpha channel. The UV map for the Archmage is horrible and due to its horribleness, minute details - such as the team color - disappears if I simply reduce the size. Or rather, it becomes a blobby mess :p

And I guess a simple fix - turn unused areas black - isn't enough? 863 KB instead of the 965 KB.
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