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[Animations] Kirby Model Animations

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May 8, 2007
I'm currently working on a project called: Kirby Wars.
I got the idea from another maker, Der_Homofuerst, I have given him credit and kept him in the loading screen, atm I am fixing up terrain and adding new units and heroes.
All my units are based off of Dan Van Ohllus's Kirby Model. I'm looking for someone to take the model, and change the animations, for example make Kirby's attack change from both hands, to like a 2-handed weapon attack.
These are the current attack animations I need:

Model 1:
2-H Sword(Paladin or Blademaster?)

Model 2:
Dual Wield(Demon Hunter or Rexxar?)

Model 3:
Sword/Shield(Defend Animation if can)

Model 4:
Spear Throw/Shield(Bandit Assassin type animations)

Model 5:
Harvest(Like Peasant, maybe carry wood and a bag, not needed)

Model 6:
Kung Fu Type Animations and Kamehameha Animation from DBZ(Punch with one hand, other hand, kicks maybe)

Model 7:
Spell Animation, Perhaps raise hands or something(maybe necromancer)

Model 8:
Bow Attack(Archer)

Model 9:
Monk with Staff(Attack with one end of the staff, then the other)

I need these each on separate models.
ALL of these will have NO attachments in the animations, just the hand motions.
If you do these animations, even if you do one, I will add your name in the quests section when I get to it.

GL and thanks in advance!

Also, If anyone has a maxim tomato icon somewhere, or can make one, I need one of those too.

Link to Model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models.php?id=mwi2xv

ATM The terrain is very very basic for the map, but here are some screen shots ingame.


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May 15, 2008
yeah f*cking!!!!! now i have the solution, i can make a new kirby, but it going to have animations from other units, example:

soldier kirby (defend animation) is going to have the soldiers animation!!!!

well i think that i can make some models for that well!!! i going tomake a hero kirby!
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