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Jun 14, 2015
May 15, 2008


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smasher89 was last seen:
Jun 14, 2015
    1. Supermj
      not in this case.
    2. smasher89
      a ok!!, looks very interesing, can u give me a more detailed screenshot form the game??
    3. Mamma_Pappa
      It is from a game named Spore ^^
    4. smasher89
      sorry, the colege its killing me whit much homeworks, and i dont have much, time, in december i back whit the ice climbers, master hand 100% remake and smash kirby
    5. Zerox
      Lol its okay smasher no need to get mad. So whats been up with you? I haven't talked to you in a bit.
    6. smasher89
      shit it inst mine!!!!
    7. varsaigen
      lol. and I had planned on making all the pokemon in SSBM and SSBB. XD But I see you made pikachu already. And it looks good! Congrats! =D
    8. Zerox
      Smasher did you do you have the map that has that pikachu in it? If you do could you send it to me with the pastebin and pm? I'm curios and wanting to try a map with such a model in it. :grin: I'd appreciate it if you did.
    9. kimpakim7
    10. smasher89
      mmm, oopss i dint add it, sorry, but all the other that i send u have their respective files??
    11. kimpakim7
      The pidgey u send me didnt have any mdx or blp file !
    12. smasher89
      ok thanks, i going to send u the mp of the bleziken, and the pikachu is from a japanese site, i dont have fund the link, but in a map that i see, there is a pikachu model like this, and is very cool XD
    13. Zerox
      OMGosh OMGosh Is your pikachu anywhere near being ready to be useable!! I love that little thing its amazing! And What ever happpened to your Blaziken model? Did you finish it yet? You never showed it to me. XD

      And your Kirby map sounds fun. And I don't remember where you asked me but yes you can use my Young Link's hat for alternate version for your Kirby.
    14. smasher89
      well im thinking in my new proyect of kirbyes racknarock war, there going to be air machines, riding by mini-kirbyes, that can tranport 2 mini-kirbyes, or 1 normal kirby!!!!
    15. smasher89
      ok thanks!!!!!
    16. Zerox
      Um just trying to help but. Don't you know how you did your profile picture? Just a little bit down on the User CP on the left side it says edit avatar. You then do it the same way as you did your profile pic.
    17. Tatsuma.
      Thanks for complement on the map.
    18. smasher89
      i dont nowk how to do that... -.-, but the textures that i give help u???? works???
    19. Zerox
      Why not set your profile picture to your avatar too. It bugs me that you don't have one. xD
    20. smasher89
      that going to be easy!!! but once the pokeball that i going to model call a pokemon the pokeball will dissapear o explode in light, because i dont nowk ho to animte 3d models
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