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[Role Playing Game] Amazon Hero Idea: A Ranged Strength Hero!

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This is awfully specific, a bit of a wild idea and I have no visual images to back this concept up, so bear with me :peasant-thumbs-up:

Anyone is free to use this, it's a very old concept of mine.

Hero name: Amazon
Role: Ranged DPS, Flexibility and Support
Description: The Amazon is a balanced hybrid class. A Warrior with great mobility and short-range attacks that can fluctuate in roles and provide support to allies.


- [Q]
Charges at an enemy, dealing moderate impact damage.
Intercepted enemies will move their attention to attacking the Amazon for at least 3 seconds.
The Amazon takes 20% reduced attack damage from the intercepted enemy, but this effect may only apply to 1 target at a time.
When the amazon Intercepts the same target again, it additionally inflicts slightly more damage and a brief stun duration.

Glaive Throw - [W]
Hurls a spinning glaive at an enemy which will attempt to bounce to other nearby enemies.
It deals slighly reduced damage per bounce, but it may hit the same targets multiple times if there are less than 3 different targets in range.

Field Medic - [E]
The Amazon walks up to a target ally and tends to their wounds, healing them swiftly over as long as needed to get them to full HP.
Field Medic constantly drains mana while cast and is cancelled if either the Amazon or the target move.
If the target ally is a hero, the Amazon will absorb a portion of the damage the ally takes for as long as Field Medic remains active.
(note: Upgrading this ability improves HP to Mana cost ratio and restoration rate.)

Evasive Maneuvers - [Passive]
Learning this ability adds improved passive benefits to the Amazon's other abilities;
1) When casting Field Medic, the Amazon heals for a portion of healing done.
2) Increased the amount of damage absorbed that's taken by allies while under the effect of Field Medic.
3) Allows Glaive Throw to bounce 1 additional time per level and slightly less damage is lost per bounce.
4) Also slightly raises the Amazon's movement speed and attack range.

Amazon's Call - [R] (Ultimate)
The Amazon calls out a call for help, summoning 1 Lion, 1 Panther and 1 Tiger with stats proportional to that of the Amazon.
Each one has a different approach of combat and is only affected by one of each of the Amazon's attributes.
During the duration, Glaive Throw's bounce distance is doubled and does not lose damage with each bounce.
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