Aliens v2.2

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Aliens v2.2 (Map)

Level 10
Nov 17, 2004
This is an early version, more will follow with additional features and improvements.

Here are some screenshots:

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Level 1
Feb 9, 2006
ok i hosted your map on a couple times and got a few suggestions.!1! the map goes wayyyyy to quick because of the objectives. there dumb i would recommend just to remove all objectives and make new ones stating that if the queen dies the humans win if all humans die aliens win. I recommend this because if you keep the old objectives the map is simply a retarted race for generators and doesnt follow the true alien spirit at all. !2! the humans are a little on the weak side so maybe give them a little boost. !3! since theres no resurrections maybe when the humans reach low enough health they fall alseep and are able to be carried back to the nest for incubation. this would give humans a chance to rescue fallen comrades. !4! make the map bigger in order to make the aliens ability to hide a little more realistic and to make the map scarier. (for humans lol) !5! the aliens can lay eggs almost anywhere, so possibly make that the eggs have to be laid on blight which is only in the nest area. So there are my suggestions, please take them into consideration when you update this map.