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[Role Playing Game] Age of Heroes

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by biridius, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. biridius


    Apr 3, 2018
    Genre: Mini-game / RPG / Strategy
    Players: 1-6
    It's loosely based on the Heroes of Might and Magic, and a lesser known Age of Heroes mobile game series.

    So a few people on hive and elsewhere said that I should make ToMM multiplayer, but the code there was a mess and it was written for only playing with the AI. I have kind of ran out of ideas for that map, so now I've decided to make a proper multiplayer version. It will have a global map, not just the battle arena, and be playable with up to 6 people.

    - multiplayer
    - global map
    - simplified initiative system
    - splitting units in whatever sizes, not just in growths of like 20 skeletons at a time
    - spell schools based on element like in H3, not chaos/light/dark like in H5; +racial spells like death coil
    - leadership stat determines maximum size of each stack
    - limited skill learning, choosing from 4 random skills with each level up, up to 6 total skills
    - skill and army choice not limited by hero class (e.g. death knight can get leadership and lead some ogres)
    - skill levels go up to 4 (basic, intermediate, advanced, expert), not 3
    - unit ability descriptions can be seen during battle
    - limited time for taking turns
    - no texttags showing unit sizes, everything is in the multiboard
    - melee retaliation is done simultaneously with the attack, the retaliation damage is reduced if the attacker is faster than the defender, but is calculated before the defenders die from the attack
    - ranged damage is reduced when firing through terrain or other units
    - new damage types and resistances to them; for example, skeletons take less piercing damage but more blunt damage

    For now I've made:
    - Deployment phase
    - "Initiative" system
    - Pathing
    - Hero attack, moving stacks, "wait" and "defend" orders, melee attack, shooting
    - Spellbook screen, some spells
    - Spell shrine - allows the hero to learn a random spell
    - Skill screen, some of the skills
    - Inventory screen

    - spells, 64 shared lore spells + ~4 unique spells per race + a few item spells
    - end of combat, casualties
    - AI
    - army/hiring screen
    - more heroes and races
    - terrain

    I'm testing it with kloader and it seems to not have any desyncs so far.
    The map is as always being made on 1.26.

    HeroPick.png Runic Strike debuff.png Skeletons.png Inventory.png Skill Screen.png Ogres.png Rogues.png DeathCoil.png

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  2. biridius


    Apr 3, 2018
    I think I should make the spells look a bit fancier than in ToMM.
    It's probably going to be the most time consuming thing to make.

    Currently done:
    - Death Coil
    Fire magic
    - Fire bolt
    Earth Magic
    - almost all spells
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2020