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Adding particles to attack animation?

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Level 4
May 31, 2011
I got my animations done, i wanted to create particles on the attack animation, i did created them in 3ds max but it seems they arnt working.

1. How to make them work?
(i attached the particle emiter with the rifle bone) inside 3ds max
(from the attack animation frame from 200 to 225, the particles start to emite at 205 to 215)

2. what else do you need to make them work, i saw some stuff at the model editor, some geosets animations connected to the attack particle..

3. i think the particle emiter from 3ds max should be counted as geoset but its not..

Ok it seems you cant make particles in 3ds max for w3, but i can make in model editor, there was actually a tutorial there about particles :)), so np solved.
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Level 4
May 31, 2011
can you tell me how did you manage to add particles to specific animations? thanks!

You do it in Model Editor.
You create particle effect in the node manager, where ever you want your particles to be attached to.

I'll take the Bone_Hand for example, you create particle emitter 2.
Now u edit the particle emitter to whatever you want.
To make the emitter activate only at specific animation first you need to know the animation start point and end point.

You open sequence mananger double click the animation u want to display the particles, when the new window open you will notice "INTERVAL".
For example:
start is: 5333
end is: 9000

Those are the starting point and end point of the animation.
Write down your interval.
Now open again node manager and edit the particle emitter.

At Visibility, check the "Animated" and click "Visibility".
Window will open with numbers inside like 0: 1
the first number represents the starting point of your animation.
the second number represents the "visible on" "visible off" 1 is on, 0 is off.

So our animation starts at 5333, we type in visibility:
5333: 1
this means the emitter will activate when your animation starts.

bellow that type:
9000: 0
this means that the emitter will stop, when the animation ends.

Note: You can also do this at Emission rate.
You will type the start point of the animation to fire only 20 particles, and after 0.5 - 1 seconds to fire 50 and so on.

I hope this was usefull.
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