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Ad Absurdum

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Jun 9, 2008
For about 2 years now (probably more...) I have been working on the development of 'Ad Absurdum- the disturbing expeditions of Felix Balkan'. You can see some screenshots and model concepts on this post

I hope to create several campaigns telling a rather complex storyline.
It doesn't have anything to do with the Warcraft III universe, I just use the original World Editor as a platform.

The setting is a parallel universe inhabited by thousands of sentinent species. Ad Absurdum will focus on the misadventures of calamite (hopping flightless descendants of flying amphibians with a social structures similar to those of ants) nations, though, based on human nation states on Earth.
calamites concepts male and female.jpg


Still working on it. I can only tell that there will be one campaign based on the wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990ies, one based on the wars in Irak and Afghanistan, and of course there will be the end of the world and time travel.


You have two ressources, 'Wealth' and 'Fossils' (replacing respectively gold and wood). You gain wealth by sending trade zeppelins to 'Trade portals' at the borders of the map, symbolizing trade routes.
adab ressources.jpg

As a little bonus, you can collect the organs of your fallen ennemies for extra income.

Your military has one type of central building (in the case of the Transvorian nation, it's the 'bunker', which will be upgraded to 'fort' and 'flak fortress') and different kinds of barracks, even though this depends on the nation you play.
Some nations have mobile buildings that allow them to train units anywhere they want.
ad ab bunker.jpg

One important part of the game is to conquer towns. They give you food to support your troops, and in some scenarios you can only win by conquering all towns of the map.
adab village town city.jpg

Your regular troops (infantry, cavalry, vehicles, aircraft) are supported by mighty flying artillery units, 'airships'. They are your 'fleet' with scouts, frigates and destroyers. You can only have a limited number of those.

Custom Models:

I will have to create hundreds of them (they will use skins of the original game). I'm not even sure how to handle that. As this will be a series of campaigns, I luckily won't have to stuff all the models into one map at once.
I'm not sure I will add any of these models to the ressources of the Hive. While I think they are perfectly sufficient to play my maps, I lack the skills to make them Warcraft III maingame compatible (corpses, effects, etc). I will try to improve my modelling skills, but right now I have neither the time nor the patience to make the models more complex then they need to be for my project. Especially since there is so much work ahead.

I have no idea what I will end up with, but I do know that there will be something. Maybe just a few maps. Maybe all the campaigns I have planned.
I just know that right now, I am surprisingly close to make Ad Absurdum more than just a daydream.
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