Acolyte and Derivatives

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Why does weekend end so fast :(

Icons set made for Ujimasa's Acolyte and Derivatives. Uses the Proudmoore icon as the base facial

Oh and yeah provide credits when used blah blah blah

Edit: 13/10/2021

Mistaken and forgot that there's another Night Elf Acolyte. Added

BTNAcolyte (Icon)

BTNBloodElfAcolyte (Icon)

BTNDemonInquisitor (Icon)

BTNEbonBladeAcolyte (Icon)

BTNHighborneAcolyte (Icon)

BTNMageInitiate (Icon)

BTNNecromancerInitiate (Icon)

BTNNightElfAcolyte (Icon)

BTNStormreaverAcolyte (Icon)

The Panda
[~] Set to useful, recolor / small edits to existing Warcraft 3 icons and / or Blizzard material.

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Deleted member 247165

Not really haha. Once I submitted them I won't update them anymore cuz I'm lazy, but yeah I make them because I am going to use them
Jeez...I mean, they look like you've put some serious work..not talking about other updates.