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[Ability] All black

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Level 2
Aug 18, 2007
I want a skill like naruto vs bleach tousen ulti that can make a black area for the enemy,what i mean is that the enemy screen shot will be black and for me and for my alies the screen shot will be normal :)

Sorry for my bad english:bored:
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Level 6
Dec 28, 2007
All Black
Fades the sun, making everyone on the entire map blind.

I know its not really what you want but as far as i know the screen can be faded only for every players at the same time.
However, i think its still a good idea and fun and also have the advanteges against the enemies:wink:(and can be also anoying to your allies..).
Have fun testing it.


  • AllBlack.w3x
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