[Role Playing Game] A Way To Light Demo V.0.11b

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Level 6
Nov 18, 2016
A Way To Light V.0.11b
This map is not completed yet and uploaded for your opinions about it.Please test and write your opinion.

This map created from World of Warcraft but with an another story.Enjoy!

  1. Autosave system
  2. Equipment attachment
  3. Blacksmithing
  4. Hero creating
  5. Fog system
  6. Fully created and imported models
  7. Beautiful terrain
  8. Great triggers and events
V.0.11b Change Log:
  • Several bugs fixed
  • added map information
  • added one command -save
Please download and test and write here your opinion about this map to help me complete this map.Thanks a lot.
Lord Mahdi

A Way To Light Demo V.0.11b