A Land to Conquer recruitement

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Dec 21, 2009
A Land to Conquer

This is a project I have been working on alone on and off for around a year. The core gameplay is all there, but it still needs to be refined, and I realised that there are some things others might be able to do better than I.

The details

The name is tentative, and will change if something better is suggested. The game is centered around strategy, and consists of eight players, each with their own unique race, fighting it out to conquer the world. Because, what's the point of having a world if you can't conquer it?

What I need:

*A spell maker
*Another opinion on various things (never a bad thing)
*Someone to help tweak details in the story
*Someone who has skills with triggers (I can do triggers if I have to, but I'm not particularily skilled at it)
*Beta testers (One of whom should also be able to host, as I can't)


Post a message on this topic and/or PM me. As I don't have a microphone, Skype is not going to be used, and as such not required.


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