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A huge&hard request

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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Hey mates :),
I need a save load that suits this (and I also need this[Note: The saveload should be Playername-only]) :
A nice Inventory system.. Based on multiboards, and has many slots (double, or more. Like 12-18 slots.) Those will be used for non-consumable items only. For consumables, and ingredients, they'll be in normal inventory.
How it should work :
When the player uses the spell his hero got (Inventory) it creates the multiboard. He scrolls between items using the arrow keys <- and ->. He chooses an item with (down) arrow and quits the multiboard with (up) arrow.
-When he uses down, it gives him : Destroy - Refine - Close. Destroy destroys the item. Refine teleports the user's hero to "Refining room" and makes the item that is gonna be refined in the normal inventory (to refine it).
Close just goes back to the multiboard.

Main point of this :
Set items.. An unhackable save-load system, that saves more than 6 items.. And having a lot of items. This will be used in my RPG, The New World.

Example of how the Inventory will work :
Items in inventory :
NORMAL : Ingredients (such as Ore, Iron, Dark Coal, NetherStone, Mist Eye, and so on) and consumables (potions, scrolls, and so on)
SPECIAL : Weapons, Armors, Jewels, Gloves, and so on
An example of a player's work :
I use the skill (Check Inventory).
Then I scroll with right and left arrow keys to choose the item "Wooden Sword" and then, it gives me "Destroy - Refine - Close". I choose to destroy. The Wooden Sword destroys.
I got another wooden sword. I choose it and choose Refine. I get teleported to the Refining Room, (a region) and then refine my sword into another thing that is better.
It becomes "Iron sword".
I choose my Iron sword by mistake, so I press "Close". It goes back to the normal multiboard.
Rewards Time :xxd: :
If it is possible, and you make it/help me finding it, well...
As usual... as much +rep as you want.. :eek:
And credits..
THANKS A LOT. (at least for reading this)
Good night, and Thanks,
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