A Hero's Plight

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Roleplaying Campaign

A Hero's Plight (Campaign)

21:30, 8th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: I had talked to CMarket moments ago. First of all he mentioned a game crashing bug in Chapter II. However that is not the main reason I am rejecting this: * Alpha stage maps are against the rules (Beta is...




21:30, 8th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2:
I had talked to CMarket moments ago. First of all he mentioned a game crashing bug in Chapter II. However that is not the main reason I am rejecting this:

* Alpha stage maps are against the rules (Beta is fine)
* You didn't post a proper description of the map

Now I suggest you create a thread in our Map Development Forum and there you will raise feedback and once your map is atleast in Beta, resubmit it, until then, Rejected.
Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
I just played it and although it is generally fine, there seems to be a game breaking bug somewhere at the middle of the second chapter. I'll point out the bug just as soon as I write a few bullets on the rest of the campaign so you know what to improve.

This is an RPG-oriented campaign which has above average quality but is currently in Alpha state(I imagine you'll add more chapters?). It has nice terrain, cute and simple quests, a morality system(are you good or bad?) but lacks side quests and, since it's supposed to be hero-oriented, the custom spells, so far, are pretty mediocre.

Now, there are a few minor things you should improve:

- In the description of the campaign you wrote Gaurd instead of Guard and int instead of into. There were also a few spelling and grammar errors within the mini-cinematics of the campaign.

- The first quest is really, really too simple. It is supposed to be simple, but not that simple. I mean you just collect five mushrooms that are right next to the guy. At least make something that requires the hero to travel a little, or maybe fight some vermin or something that is simple, but not too simple.

- The dialogues in the cinematics, especially if they were short(like 6 words or less) lasted for too long. You should shorten that.

- The camera work was nice in some parts but sometimes the camera just stood still for periods of time. Make it constantly move and get better angles.

- When you are using animations make sure you queue the stand animation after. Balnazzar and the priest were frozen after they used their spell animation.

- When Balnazzar attacks the 3 soldiers only 2 of them die, the third one survives with but a scratch.

- 300(Sparta) references are really annoying as they are overused. The south park reference was good, even though I saw it coming as soon as I saw the name Kenny.

- On a side note Balnazzar is the purple dreadlord, not the green one. The green one was Detharoc I believe.

- The terrain was pretty good, especially in the second chapter but try to avoid blizzard cliffs.

- The Aura of Blight learning tooltip displays the Devotion Aura tooltip. Fix that.

- Potions should stack, even if it's a two-part inventory.

- The Shadowbolt spell can damage anyone(enemies, allies and yourself) and has no special effect. Add a bolt effect so it looks better.

- The mini-cinematics should have an ESC trigger, except the ones where you chose if you want to be good or bad.

- At the start of the 2nd chapter the camera collided with the sword so you could see through it.

- In the first chapter you should increase the starting cameras Far Z. Also because the town is at the edge of the map you can see the end of the world on the left. Might want to change the angle or completely move the town to the right.

Now, as for the bug, when I want to chose to either kill the priest anyway or spare him no matter what I chose the game remains frozen there. What's more I can exit it, move around, but the interface is acting like a cinematic and that's the game breaking bug. Fix that.

Also you might want to add more description here, on the Hive. People generally don't like to download a map they know nothing about.

All in all it's a good RPG but because of the game breaking bug I think it should be rejected until update. If you fix it I say that we're looking at a grade around 3, but since it's in alpha state it's still too soon to tell. Fix the things I mentioned and it should be better.
Level 5
Dec 23, 2008
Okay, as above is true. The second thing bug is stupid. I did wonder about the aura thing. The other problem is the lack of uniqueness in spells. First Chapter:holy light, devotion aura, Second chapter: death bolt (basicly), and another aura. The terraining is better, but in the first Chapter, it's like you see only the town, as well as that third soldier living.
Level 23
Feb 28, 2007
This is in alpha (non-finished) state, am I not right? Alpha maps are against the rules and will not get approved until it is in at least beta state. If you want feedback etc. regarding your map, create a thread in the Map Development forum.