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[JASS] A Couple Problems :(

Discussion in 'Triggers & Scripts' started by CrueIIntentions, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. CrueIIntentions


    Jun 7, 2008
    Okay, So i read all of the jass tutorials and all of them start nice and slow, and then jumps. I read trying to find out how to, say creating a unit at a local point. I then Tried converting the trigger from GUI to JASS and going about it that way. While it works, i wanted to remove the "BJ"'s and such. This is what i have so far. Im novice, so please bear with me:thumbs_up:
    Code (vJASS):

    function Trig_Light_Invisible_Sins_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
        if ( not ( GetUnitTypeId(GetEnteringUnit()) == 'e005' ) ) then
            return false
        return true

    function Trig_Light_Invisible_Sins_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
        local unit u
        local unit a
        local location p = GetRandomLocInRect(gg_rct_Light_Summon)
        local location t = GetRandomLocInRect(gg_rct_Light_Reinforcement_Spawn)
        local integer g = 10
           call KillUnit(GetTriggerUnit())
               exitwhen g == 0
               set u = CreateUnit( player(9), 'e00F', p, 0, 0)
               set a = CreateUnit( player(9), 'e00F', t, 0, 0)
               set g = g - 1
               set udg_Light_Unit = udg_Light_Unit + 2
               call TriggerSleepAction(1)
        call RemoveLocation(t)
        call RemoveLocation(p)
        set u = null
        set a = null

    function InitTrig_Light_Invisible_Sins takes nothing returns nothing
        set gg_trg_Light_Invisible_Sins = CreateTrigger(  )
        call TriggerRegisterEnterRectSimple( gg_trg_Light_Invisible_Sins, gg_rct_Light_No_Entry_Zone )
        call TriggerAddCondition( gg_trg_Light_Invisible_Sins, Condition( function Trig_Light_Invisible_Sins_Conditions ) )
        call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Light_Invisible_Sins, function Trig_Light_Invisible_Sins_Actions )

    Please help :(

    EDIT: I notice now i could have used local unit arrays there, oops.
  2. Cheezeman


    Aug 19, 2008
    To remove BJ's, I recommend you to download Jass NewGen Pack as it contains TESH which will make things easier (you'll know what I mean in a second).
    When you've opened NewGen WE, it'll run like normal WE but with some modifications. Please do disable Reinventing the Craft and UMSWE because they'll most likely be in the way though.

    Anyway open your map in NewGen WE and check out your code (in Trigger Editor, yes). Your code should be colored, bolded and stuff much like what you see here.
    All functions you see that are colored red are most likely 'simple', 'swapped', made over-complicated or BJs, which are basically the same thing.
    Here's a pic:

    As you can see, three of your lines are colored red (purple color indicates natives; the best you can have) except that you've spelled Player(9) with lower-case p (player(9)) in line 11 and 12. This will give you a syntax error.
    I want you to scroll over the first code that is red
    while holding down ctrl. This will make the function go Underscored Blue like it was a link.
    Click the link.
    Now you should see this:

    As you may or may not see, this function just returns
    Location(GetRandomReal(GetRectMinX(whichRect), GetRectMaxX(whichRect)), GetRandomReal(GetRectMinY(whichRect), GetRectMaxY(whichRect)))

    Copy everything after 'return' and paste it over GetRandomLocInRect(gg_rct_Light_Summon) (which we want to replace)
    Since your 'whichRect' is 'gg_rct_Light_Summon', I want you to replace all whichRect's with gg_rct_Light_Summon's.
    Like so:

    local location p = Location(GetRandomReal(GetRectMinX(gg_rct_Light_Summon), GetRectMaxX(gg_rct_Light_Summon)), GetRandomReal(GetRectMinY(gg_rct_Light_Summon), GetRectMaxY(gg_rct_Light_Summon)))

    Now you've sucessfully replaced a BJ. Try to do the same with the other two lines as excercise, and please replace player(9) with Player(9).
    Other than that just write if you have problems.