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Jan 4, 2010
OK....i have a 7zip file that is encrypted someone uploaded it for me with a bunch of music on it i wanted and PURPOSELY put a damn encryption on it just to screw with me. hell do i know why. This is the last site i really know that i could come to for this. I need a way to decrypt this 7zip file I've done a lot to try and get it decrypted and nothing has worked so far.
i tried using 7zcracker and it didn't do crap.
i found programs but they all make you pay for them and i am for sure not putting my credit card on those sites your better off giving your credit card to the Russian mafia. who knows what hackers will steal your cards off those sites.
I need a program that DOESN'T MAKE YOU PAY to use it. I'm getting really fed up with that kind of crap. I already went to properties general and found the option "Encrypt contents to secure data" and found out it had nothing to do with the encryption. i really need this file decrypted somehow and someway because i need this music in the 7zip file i need for an upcoming event at a small local festival in my town.

and yes the guy that encrypted it with a password told me he did it on purpose and rubbed it in my face.

i cannot upload it to the site because i have a feeling that somewhere in that 7zip there's probably a virus. i used a separate computer to take the 7zip file because the site i got it from was filled with viruses like an infestation of Zerg rushing through your base annihilating it in Starcraft but it computer terms destroying your hard-drive. the computer i used to get the file was completely wrecked after going to the site. so far i Haven't got any notifications of viruses or viruses from even opening up the 7zip file. but I'm being very careful. i swear I've never gone through so much pain in trying to get music for a damn festival. :hohum:

if no one can help me find anything i have an alternative music i can use that isn't as good and i guess I'll just use that.

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Jan 18, 2005
i need for an upcoming event at a small local festival in my town.
Unless the songs are no longer under any sort of interlectual property protection or your country does not believe in interlectual property you are not allowed to do that. You need a special liscenced copy of the music to play to the public legally (otherwise you can quite literally be bancurpted with legal damages).

If you are aware of the legal reprecoutions of your actions... I adivse...
1. Downloading the songs from Itunes (this way you have some legal cover).
2. If that is not possible, try looking for it on youtube (quality might be poor) and converting it to a .mp3 with the many converter websites.
3. If that is not possible, searching for it on less legal sites.

There should be nothing that requires going to option 3 next to really obscure music (which I doubt anyone would have).

Do you mind me asking what music is this you are even after?
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