(2)Sunken Grave

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This once were a buitifull place. Farmers and Villagers lived in this piece of land.. Cut off from the rest of the world. But one day a Giant wave came and destroyed almost everything. Ever since strange creatures began to show up. Everyone that survived were killed. It was forgotten.
Now you sailed here in a hope to find a safe place for you and your warriors to live. But take care... Your not alone!!

Have fun playing my first map in Warcraft III Map Editor
As i said above this is my first try with the Map Editor and im pretty pleased of what i've created.

Remeber.. The fight i'snt over before you win or lose!

Update: Added little more Doodas and i replaced the Jungle Stalkers at the top mine with Hydras.
Ive also added some more trees to both bases. Not that much becouse your base size isnt that big.
And ive added a Mercenary Camp about in the middle.

Update 2: Changed the gold mines amount of gold much lower.
Fixed some frogs and Doodads updates.
Added some more trees between the first base and the creeps.
And i made some more space where the Rock Golems are.

Update 3: Fixed some more doodads and the story line. Well thats much about it.

Melee, Sunken, Ruins, Sunken ruins, Simple, Melee Map

(2)Sunken Grave (Map)

19:47, 31st Aug 2008 Septimus: Decent map to me, but really need to fix all those typo error. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/801495-post5.html




19:47, 31st Aug 2008
Septimus: Decent map to me, but really need to fix all those typo error.

Level 3
Jan 4, 2008
Thank you very much Epimeliad. I will make sure you got plenty of trees in my next Melee map. And i know ^^ the creeps are to many for a 1on1 map.

Thank you really much for the judgement i will take them in mind form my next map.
Level 30
May 3, 2008
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2) Trigger -
3) Minor Error - Bad (2)
4) Major Error - Excellent (5)
5) Replay Value - Average (3)
6) Fun factor/gameplay - Average (3)
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[-] - Unit placement have a minor error at red starting location. I notice there is a few tree that separate the creep within the player 1 base, try add another 1 or 2 layer of tree.
[-] - Lot's of typo error at your map storyline.
[-] - Gold distribution doesn't seem to be balance. The amount of gold is too much for both of the player especially for 1 vs 1 map. Gold resources should between 10,000-20,000 for each player and alternate gold mine is 10,000-15,000 for duel match.
[-] - Water terrain lack of the life like feeling, try add something like frog and lily pad.

Review : Well, it seems to be a decent melee map for me.

But, you need to fix those typo error of your map storyline. It not only make your packaging look bad, but it make the storyline sound lame as if they are created by small kid who are just 6 years old. Melee map doesn't only depends on how good the terrain look all the time, but sometimes the storyline/description of the map could be crucial as well if you want to appease people to download it.

Another -12 point for this map.

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Score - 58/100
Rating - 3/5
Condition - Good
Status - Approve
Review - 1
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Level 3
Jan 4, 2008
Thank you very much Septimus for the Review.. And i cant type that well becouse well... im only 11 years old and im from Sweden. My main language isnt English.. Will change the gold in the gold mines and fix the creep missplacement in base 1.
Frogs and lily pads i can sure add.. I didnt added lilypads becouse i think they look ugly^^
Level 4
Jul 4, 2007
What makes this map "unmelee" as I can see from the player icon?
He placed two brown units:

(I remember seeing a brown hut and a warlock-like unit)

protip: Hover over the bottom-right corner of the editor and it'll tell you why the map isn't melee.