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1st Person Point-of-View,A game based on HOUSE OF DEAD,I am CREATING !!!

Level 2
Nov 12, 2007
hahaha...i think that this type of map was started by me !!!

players can use mouse pointer to shoot monsters .... reload by pressing up button and cinematics based on house of dead ... but i need more helps on models and map terrain editting ... anyone whom are interested please leave a msg HERE !!!!
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
sounds easy to make
anyway create one if you really want
what is wrong with game models they are okay for a that kind of game I guess
Banshees ghosts sludges are good monsters for horror games
Level 11
Aug 25, 2006
It seems kind of arrogant to believe you were responsible for the creation of an entire category. (Unless the category is rather small) I've seen at least a dozen maps made by different authors with that theme & game mechanics. How can you be so sure you created it?