13s Speedmod - Cpt.DaveyJones v3.6

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Battleships speedmod - The New Generation 3.6 ( based on battleships final 5.0 )

The fastest battleships since the last 4 years.

Special features ( but not restricted to these ):
-Onboard detection on ships ( ~ 20% of sightrange )
-Special 32000 Gold trader
-"Hull + sail" and "wood + repaircrew" combining
-3 flying ships + 1 New 'Normal' ship
-A nice zoomer
-Optimized ( some might call this process "map protection" )
-A complete new set of 40 weapons

and more!
Please leave feedback how to improve the map. Thank you!


13s Speedmod - Cpt.DaveyJones v3.6 (Map)

Craka_J: Used to be teh shit back in the day. Approved.




Craka_J: Used to be teh shit back in the day. Approved.
Level 6
Apr 16, 2007
Yes, I know of the many bugs that ocurred in 3.0, and I fixed them. Best thing to do: delete 3.0, download 3.4!

Every map may have a few flaws when changing it to a completely new map ( from 2.7 to 3.0 I changed almost every important gameplay aspect, and a lot of the code... Like the new weapon system, New Price system, New Starting money System, etc. ), due to some faults in my calculations 3.0 did not really merit the name Speedmod, a game could take up to 1 hour oO. Now I'm back with more speed, so:
Hf & GL! May the speed be with you...

Greetings Davey