1. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] [Zerg Campaign] - Hatchery/Larva crash on certain terrain?

    Hi. I've noticed a reproducible crash in my Zerg Campaign. I've been able to get it to occur consistently in Chapter Four, if the player expands to the center of the map, where Maiev starts. After fiddling with it, the source seems to be my modified Blizzard.j, in the function called...
  2. MoCu

    Unit production similar to zerg

    Hey. Im recently making a wc3 mod where all four races are replaced by dwarves, goblins, nerubians and one more (not sure which to choose yet :P). I've got an idea to make nerubians make units like zerg in sc2 (or should i say similar). Now i got 2 units for one type (for example Nerubian Drone...
  3. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Zerg Hippogryph Rider

    TLDR: Can someone make a model & icon for a Zerg Hydralisk riding a Hippogryph (using the Project Revolution hydralisk in the attached map, not the war3 one) One of the features of the Zerg Campaign is the ability to Infest the War3 races and then integrate some of their abilities into your...
  4. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  5. PiesOfNorth

    [Campaign] Zerg Campaign: Invasion of Azeroth

    Above Char, The Terran and Protoss fire a jointly-developed experimental super-weapon at Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. The blast unexpectedly tears a hole in space-time, launching Kerrigan and her Zerg out of the Korpulu Sector. She's another world's problem now... Follow Sarah...
  6. jayjayduque

    Zerg Larvae trigger help

    hello its been a long time since i opened my account in hive. I need help with a trigger about creating a Zerg Hatchery. i know little about triggers and I've also checked out others like this. but, the only thing i found similar to what i want is Emperian's Egg Sack System. difference is...
  7. The Dark Angel

    Need Terran/Zerg models

    Need Terran and Zerg units for completion of my map it is needed that the models will look good