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  1. Zenonoth

    [HD/Texturing] Simple Maiev Reskin Request

    Greetings, I require the reforged Maiev model reskinned to look more like the current wow version with green armor and white hair. Willing to give both reputation and credits in my map! Sincerest Thanks.
  2. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Revenge of Mal'Ganis is back! [Reforged Vers. / Co-Op]

    - For the original pre-reforged development post click me! Complete remastering + remake of the original campaign in WC3 reforged utilizing most of it's brand new features! Voice acting 3 Difficulty Levels to choose from before each mission (Easy/Normal/Hard) Co-Op Mode (Play with another...
  3. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] The Dark Below

    "With the destruction of the Well of Eternity and the events that followed such as the great sundering, Queen Azshara has struck a bargain with the old god, N'Zoth to save her people from plunging into the depths of the sea at the cost of her people becoming the terrifying Naga, Azshara and her...
  4. Zenonoth

    [ANIMATION] Need 3 anims for a model

    I need 3 animations for this model which the outstandingly epic Sharkarsh made a texture/skin for. The model is originally mine but Sharkarsh helped me make a texture for it. I need 3 animations. - First animation is spell which has the model's cannon shifting right and firing a large...
  5. Zenonoth

    [SKIN] Need a skin for a model I made

    Hello everyone, I need a skin for a crappy model I made it's meant to be an ion cannon in the center of a floating isle. It's meant to look like this: I'll accept any help and would greatly appreciate it + I'd give rep and credits in my map. Below are two versions of the model...
  6. Zenonoth

    [Minigame] Hyperdimension Neptunia Bossfight

    Hyperdimension Neptunia is a 4-player bossfight minigame based on the game of the same name currently in development which has various difficulties, interesting gameplay and tactics + various rewards! The story takes place in the world of Gamindustri which houses four nations: Planeptune...
  7. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Wrath of Kael'thas

    Wrath of Kael'thas is the ultimate campaign project currently in development by Team Nightfall, which is mostly focused on a custom lore. "After the events of World of Warcraft - Legion, Kael'thas is somehow still alive, he has been biding his time ever since his defeat at the events of the...
  8. Zenonoth

    [Miscellanous / Other] Zenonoth & Team Nightfall's Map Projects Thread

    Zenonoth, trebla ratilla, joaquim98, millzy, WarcraftLiterature "Team Nightfall is a team of ambitious WC3 modders/map developers who combine their efforts to make acceptable maps for you to enjoy, we're hoping to do our best to provide entertaining maps!"...
  9. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Deception of Kil'jaeden

    Deception of Kil'jaeden is a singleplayer campaign that will hopefully provide a good entertaining time for you to enjoy! ========================================== ========================================== - 1 Playable hero with 6 spells (Can be upgraded twice) - 3 Difficulties to choose...
  10. Zenonoth

    [Role Playing Game] The Black Temple

    ================================================= ================================================= The Black Temple is a 5-Player Dungeon Crawler RPG style map that requires team co-operation - BASED ON THE WoW RAID OF THE SAME NAME - 9 Unique heroes to choose from (With 7 abilities each)...