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  1. Zedacus

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request from Ocarina of Time

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a unique model but can't seem to find it anywhere. If any Zelda fan modelers are still around, I'm sure this would be a fun project. And I feel like a lot of people would love to have this crazy mini boss in their maps as well. If I'm just blind, please direct me to...
  2. Alethos

    Single Player RPG Map (replayable Village-disaster game)

    I have firsthand knowledge of how dead this forum is so if I tag people it's only for visibility. Rather than getting half-way with a project and then writing down a ton of information like my last project recruitment attempt (btw it's more or less finished I just need to upload it here but I'm...
  3. BossGengar

    Majora's Mask Texture

    I am currently working on making a Majora's Mask model from the Legend of Zelda and I need a texture for it to make it accurate. If someone could make a texture for the model I would be very grateful! Here's a ref.
  4. BossGengar

    W.I.P Stalchild (Alternate Skeleton)

    I wanted to make another model from the Legend of Zelda, and one enemy that I always used to be terrified of was the Stalchild. I thought it would be pretty fun to make and decided to get working on it. Here's a picture for reference. All I have is the head right now, here's a W.I.P screenshot.