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  1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Inventory System (Too many nested ifs)

    Hello! I found a Inventory System on XGM that i really like but somehow i cant figure out how to implement it into another my Map. I alway get the error [ Too many nested ifs (max 50) ] in my Test Map But in the example Map from xgm it works just fine. Im a noob in Scripting so i dont know how...
  2. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story The story dates back to the creation of a single Black...
  3. stein123

    Model portrait

    Hello everyone, can somebody please create a portrait for this model? Элитный скелет-воин - WarCraft 3 / Модмейкинг - XGM: eXtreme Gamedev & Modmaking , thanks in advance.
  4. CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Deathmatch mode

    CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Deathmatch mode

    song - Ethan Meixsell (In_the_Shadows.)
  5. CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Race mode

    CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Race mode

    song - Ethan Meixsell (Collision,By_the_Sword, Angel of Mercy.)
  6. stein123

    Help fixing a model

    Hello! i need help with this model, when i import it on the WE it works ok, but in-game it causes a bug that affects the lightning of the whole map, making it most of the map black, can ayone help me please? u_u