world editor problems

  1. Koko Kwikwak


    before i start i want to say that i'm a spanish and my english is not good, so please be patient with me. i have this problem with my custom model whenever i'm using it in my custom map, it crashes my world editor if not it appears to be invisible when it works. i have uploaded the file, please...
  2. VortexBeater

    World Editor, My map can not be load.

    Hello everyone, i had a problem with my Warcraft 3 map. I was normally editing it, i saved it, shutdown my computer, and then, the next day, i tried to open it again to continue editing, but it charged the map, and then crash the world editor. The map still working when i play it from the...

    [Solved] Can't link "Unit - Issues" Actions

    Hi ! I want specific peasants to harvest lumber from specific trees after they repair some farms. I know how to create the "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit" and "Unit - Issue Targeting A Destructible" Actions but whether I try "Wait For Condition" or "If-Then-Else" Actions I can't seem to...