1. deepstrasz resource theft?

    So, I just stumbled upon something on the site mentioned in the title, the fact that models by authors on our site are there: Модели для Warcraft 3 » Страница 2 Question is, since it's a Russian site in Cyrillic, are they actually taken from the HiveWorkshop and uploaded there or do the authors...
  2. NightStalker

    Music Workshop kinda thing

    Music Workshop Now serves voice acting as well (Check bottom of post) What's this? Ever needed a specific music but you could never manage to find it? This is what the Music Workshop is here for! It makes music varying to your needs. No matter the style. It can be orchestral, metal, dubstep...
  3. Devine

    Hive addiction

    how addicted are you to Hive? You wont trade it for nothing? How much % of your PC time are you actively busy in the hive? (its not like you have to time it, just guess. Ull know the anwser)