worker unit

  1. Cheshire

    [General] worker blocking own building placement

    Hi, I created a wisp that has two forms (with bear form). the second one is amphibious and builds buildings on water (the buildings themselves can be built on water by other amphibians successfully). for some reason whenever I tell form b to build (on water - but not the cause...see above)...
  2. WarFox

    Check condition for idle workers?

    Like the title says, i need to create check condition that would look after the lazy workers who stand doing nothing, and send them back to harvesting wood. I tried hundreds of ways already for many hours none stop and there is always two type of results 1: They do nothing, or they just stop on...
  3. Hankxiety

    [General] Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water

    Noticing that worker units ordered to Return Resources will hesitate to cross deep water. Troubleshooting Have tested with Movement Type - Amphibious and Float. Have tested with Art - Model File Peasant and Human Transport Ship. Have tested with both Gold and Lumber harvesting. The problem...
  4. Mekanical

    How to play "Spell" animation when harvesting gold on haunted mine

    [PROBLEM SOLVED] I made a custom worker based on acolyte but the model doesn't have the "Stand Work Gold" animation, so it harvest gold but does nothing except the stand animation on the haunted mine. My goal is to play the "Spell" animation of this unit instead ... First, I tried to add the...
  5. blackRaTTeN

    Random models?

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie map maker and i'm working on a really cool td-like map. I wanted to make my "castle" (more like a tavern) spit out workers, but every time the model of a worker is different. I want to have a limit of 4 workers too. Could you help me with both of those things? Thanks...
  6. Tristex

    [Trigger] Harvesters to drop gold

    I've been working on a system to make peasants and peons drop their gold-sack upon death. It is a little bit flimsy in my opinion as there is no way to detect the moment that the harvest/resumeharvesting order is completed, still I am happy enough with what I have to consider implementing it...