1. Darkshadow95

    You decide what I create

    Hey guys, I want to make a new map the next year additionally to my other maps Im working on (see my profile). I have several ideas and Im not sure which one to choose, so I let you guys decide what you want most. -Zombie protection map where the gameplay is similar to "protect the house" but...
  2. Homor

    Feral Worgen (Meaty Worgen Units)

    There are a lot of great Worgen models on this site, but a problem I'm having is not a lot of them are very beefy. You mostly see footmen, peasants and spellcasters. You don't see any big, lumbering MFers that can fill unit roles like orc grunts or abominations. That's what I'm requesting here...
  3. The Backstab

    [Minigame] Werewolf V 0.1

    Help me to improve. Thx created by me TheBackstab a.k.a Chi Just a custom werewolf party game. Werewolf is generally divided by two teams: werewolves and villagers. The werewolves objective is to dominate the villager by killing one of them every night, while the villagers will vote for...
  4. tar97bchpe

    [Solved] Unit replacing

    So im pretty new to triggers and still pretty bad at it. I've made a trigger that turns one of the selectable heroes into a werewolf hero at a specific time of day. I want the werewolf heroes abilities to rank up alongside the normal heroes abilities (e.g i rank up normal heroes' Summon Dire...