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  1. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett

    This is the way
  2. Meatsausage

    [Tower Defense] Mun TD Wars

    Hello, for further development i need some feedback! map: Mun TD Wars. Play against other players 1v1, 2v2, or Practice alone or as a team against the computer. Any feedback, criticism, idea etc. is highly appreciated! Thank you, enjoy the game!
  3. Blikunman

    LF Beta Testers - Castle Tactics

    Hey its Blikun, im presenting a nice auto-army tactical game [photo showcase soon] This map is based in an old Browser Flash Game called Miragine Wars (also in android) : Original game's video click here. Play the original game click here. If you want to help me test this map playing it...
  4. skillzmfg3

    [Role Playing Game] Reviving an Old Project: Lothaleven Wars

    Greetings everyone! With the recent announcement of WC3 Reforged my passion for Warcraft has generally been reignited. While I do enjoy playing other people's custom maps my real passion lies in creating my own maps. Now while you read, please do keep in mind I haven't done anything WC3 related...
  5. NickGreefpool

    [Footmen Wars / Frenzy] My take on Footman Frenzy

    I wanted some feedback on this map before final release. You can choose between races and each race has a Hero. I'm specially interested in feedback on: -Gameplay -Heroes Balance -Gold costs The descriptions are in spanish, sorry for that, i'm working on the english version.
  6. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  7. Woodenplank

    [Strategy / Risk] The Rift

    EDIT: Project discontiued, as I have lost interest in (this kind of-) map making In a world torn apart by a catastrophic daemon ritual known as 'The Rift' factions old and new strive for control over the lands of Pan - and dominance of the other factions. Players The map supports up to 10...
  8. xxdingo93xx

    [Strategy / Risk] Creep Wars Ultimate

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll ask you kindly to share your thoughts on this, maybe add your ideas if you have some and your honest opinion if you think it is worth remaking this map. Lately I became nostalgic again watching a video about the 12 year old custom map Creep Wars. If you can't...
  9. Billy the Cat

    Rally the Troops

    topRally the Troops About the map Getting income Looking for feedback 400 aboutAbout the map Genre: Tech wars Maximum players: 5 vs 5 Suggested players: 2 vs 2 Current status: Published Description: Each player controls a worker to build a selection of structures. Structures...