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  1. Mag'har Warlock

    Mag'har Warlock

  2. Łapin Viktus

    Help for Heroes Skills

    Hello, my ambition is to create a nice map with 5 players who each play a hero: 1 Tank, 1 Heal and 3 DPS. The biggest problem is to make heroes complete with interesting gameplay but I have little skill in the creation of spells, my spells are quite wobbly and take me a lot of time for...
  3. prizraknadache

    There was a model of Warlock on wheelchair?

    Hello. I saw that there was a Warlock on wheelchair on the models page, but seems like it was currently deleted or hidden from everyone's view. So, maybe anyone have that model or know the author (so that i can contact with him for that model). As i aware, that model for the some Models Concept...
  4. Arkain Underground Industries

    Arkain Underground Industries

    No one knows what drives the dwarves to their conclusions. Some say it's ale, others, the lack of light, some say greed... Whatever the causes, the results are always controversial.
  5. hemmedo

    Spell - Fel Gift

    I have an idea for a cool spell but I don't know whether it's possible in warcraft 3 engine or not. But I'll try to be as specific as possible on the spell if someone intends to do it. Description: The Warlock channels Fel energy to an Orc unit, bestowing increased might and speed permanently...
  6. Kragez

    Dwarf Demonologist

    I need a warlock-type dwarf with staff,who will summon demons :3