warcraft i

  1. rcshaggy

    [Campaign] Warcraft I: Destruction of Azeroth

    Just before the First War Gul'dan recieved a vision from a cloaked figure telling about a lush new world. It was called Azeroth...The cloaked figure would help him create a rift between their two worlds... Gul'dan praised the idea of a new world to conquer so he gathered his most loyal...
  2. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Age of Chaos - WC1 Remake Project (WiP)

    Warcraft: Age of Chaos is a remake of Warcraft I: Orcs & Humans in The Frozen Throne engine. The aim is to recreate the entirety of the first war, allowing you to relive the devastating battle and defend or conquer Azeroth. This will recreate Warcraft I's entire core gameplay with the only...