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warcraft 1

  1. SevLlanto

    Birth of Thrall

    For Christmas I made this composition last year, the same December 24 hours before dinner. I really liked the idea and I didn't want to let it go. Representation of Durotan, Draka and little Go'el - Thrall, in a familiar winter scene. *Most of the resources I created for composition. The trees...
  2. Robert_Anderson_0421

    Warcraft 1 and 2 demos

    I was wondering it was possible to recreate the Demo versions of Warcraft: orcs and humans and Warcraft 2: tides of darkness using the Warcraft 3 graphics and then add them as new Custom campaigns for Warcraft 3? My Pc cant run the original demos but I still wanna play them as I have never...
  3. Nerzhul Reforged (Test)

    Nerzhul Reforged (Test)

  4. Orgrim v1 (Testing)

    Orgrim v1 (Testing)

    Orgrim DoomHammer Reforged V1 test. After many problems, it seems that everything looks good
  5. Female Orcs Reforged SevLlanto

    Female Orcs Reforged SevLlanto

  6. Garona Reforged SevLlanto

    Garona Reforged SevLlanto

  7. ComradeMaper

    [Campaign] WarCraft: The Beginning

    Introduction Hello there! After much doubt and torment I finally decided to share my little hobby project with the community. It has already been under development for about 4 or 5 years considering my longtime breaks from time to time. In the beginning this whole project was heavily...
  8. BogdanKry

    Crossbowman Human 1

    Does somebody can make a normal talking portreit for this model because it is disgusting. (Textures\Footman.blp it is important i think)
  9. BogdanKry

    Orc spearmen.

    Does somebody have models of orc spearmen from project Dawn of Chaos or from Warcraft Orc and Humans remake. I know that they are the same. I mean that I need only this model.
  10. Tigrick

    Model Edit: Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke without helmet

    Hello all, I really like Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke. It kind of transports the dark vibe that daemons in Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 had. (This is why I'd like to use it as mainline unit for my demon faction, which would be equivalent in strength and price to a 6-man squad of other races.)...
  11. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Help with War1gus (Please read and reply. Do not remove this thread)

    I was middle of doing a "Play Video Games Day and Night" thing, i was wanting to play War1gus (Don't have Wargus which is Warcraft II), and now my controls for W1gus are broken and never seem to work. :( Its from the Stratgus Engine, tried installing Stratagus and War1gus 2.4.1 or 2.4.2, now...
  12. Fotis Vam

    Trouble with Footmen and Cleric Skill

    I have recently downloaded warcraft 3 and warcraft 1: humans and orcs campaigns from this site. Placed them in the custom campaign folder and started playing. However, i noticed on a video that someone had a Defend skill on the footmen and an extra skill ( besides heal) on the clerics while i...
  13. CheekyChinhilla

    Warcraft I & II Remade WC3

    Hey so i asked the question of "Has anyone remade warcraft 1 and 2 campaign in warcraft 3 map editor?" on blizzards forums, to which i was directed here, I was just curious as to whether or not such a project exists Thanks