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wacraft 3

  1. Azshara from satellite

    Azshara from satellite

    Satellite map of Azshara, took from https://wow.gamepressure.com/map.asp?ID=10. I use it as inspiration and main art resource for terrain, but slightly changing it as I want...
  2. Dk Reforged

    Dk Reforged

    Reforged Version with fully reforged Wow items
  3. Scarlet Crusade

    Scarlet Crusade

    Scarlet Crusade for "Age of Warcraft Project"
  4. Graesholt

    [Campaign] Reforging the Classic Campaign

    Hey everyone! I recently did some work extracting models from Reforged and tried my hand at some simple models edits using Retera’s Model Studio. That turned out to be an absolute blast. It got me thinking what I would personally have wanted from a Reforged campaign, which is basically the...
  5. ToymachineHW

    Searching for a specific map with Naga race and bosses

    Hey guys! My first post here. I have played a map couple of years ago that I've found here with Naga race and a lot of huge big bosses around the map. I have tried searching all over the internet, mostly here, but no luck, however I did recognize that the core of that map was Emerald Gardens...
  6. Frostmournerequiem

    I don't have custom campaign folder in my warcraft 3 public realm test folder

    I don't have custom campaign folder in my warcraft 3 public realm test folder. Did warcraft 3 public realm test don't have custom campaign folder or my warcraft 3 public folder is broken.
  7. Carlos.X

    FDF file vscode syntax extension and color4wc3text

    War3Fdf Support text color highlighting and automatic function supplement install: demo: color4wc3text This is a vscode extension Makes the string prefix of Warcraft 3 recognized and modified by the color picker Support Lua, wurst, jass and other file structures Demo QQ's discussion...
  8. Prometheus3375

    Preparing menu color bug

    It is possible to set any color for a player using //! inject config in preparing menu. But there is a problem. Consider next code. It works well if flag "Fixed Player Settings" in forces properties is not set. But if you set this flag, everything breaks. First player must have blue...
  9. ₩OLF

    Removing flag from Blademaster.

    Hi, I'm creating now a rpg map and can you show me what i must do to remove flag and stick from blademaster? I want a tutorial, not ready model, because i use this for some other models. Ps. If you can show me what i must do to add defend animation. Pps. Can be links.
  10. Temporicer

    D-Day judgement: a classic old map. Gone?

    Hi everyone, new poster here and bringing an old topic to your heads being: D-Day judgement. An old but golden map which gave us lots of hours, wasting our money on net cafe for that lasting game with friends. (At least for me since at those times I was 13 yrs old, and didn't have a PC) its...
  11. Block-Busted

    I have some questions about 'Warcraft 3' World Editor

    1. A player can choose to summon 3 Heroes out of 12. How do I make it possible to summon all of them, 4 per each Town Hall/Great Hall/Necropolis/Tree of Life upgrade? 2. How do I make my workers be able to build more than 11 structures? 3. How do I make computer players (AI) to use neutral...
  12. Candy_Girl

    TFT Crash with 1.28 patch

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced crashes with the crash log B4DC1E3F-F32B-4B95-B5E3-E364620BDF2D. Im playing on a 2014 MacBook Air and have only experienced this problem playing HWM on TFT - the game usually crashes about 20-30 minutes into the game I have tried uninstalling...