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voice line

  1. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    [Solved] Voice files extracted from the game for Voice Cloning (AI-generated new dialogues)

    Hello, I currently am doing an experiment of building an expanded universe where existing characters will be involved in excitingly new scenes/dialogues/conversations that the original publisher of the game did not intend. The idea is to create new stories for old characters, where you have...
  2. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    Voice cloning for creating new, voiced dialogues using the original actors' voices

    Hi there, This idea occurred to me recently and after doing some research, I would like to propose this and see how you folks feel about it. Please also vote in the poll which will close in 31 days. Is this something you'd like? If yes, then I'll start working on it and do my best to make it...
  3. IvoryHellflames

    [General] Custom non-hd model no voices in HD mode

    Hello again. I prefer the HD models and playing in hd but, many amazing models are still the good old non-hd (sd?) and several great model editors seem to prefer just working with the old version(s) and I do want to use them too, but in hd mode these models sadly lose their voice. I tried to...
  4. Above.and.Beyond

    Issue with no World Editor and Replacing WC3 Unit Voice Lines

    Hello, (miss-typed thread title, its supposed to be "new" not "no" I had originally started working on a custom map back when WC3 world editor was still in use. Now that we've moved onto the new Reforged World Editor, I'm finding that my custom voice lines "sounds" that were imported over to...