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variable help

  1. =Junpei=

    Unit Group Variable Help

    I had some issues when using variables, specifically, Unit Group. I tried to use this as this prevent memory leak but it does not go out as I expected. When using the "random point in region", the creeps created stays in one place, I want them to be scattered randomly and not stacked in a random...
  2. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    [GUI] unit - unit within range of cant take points?

    I need an event for when a unit comes within range of a point (variable), but the variable isn't showing up, only unit variables. How can I do this? I will be replicating this trigger dozens of times, I'd rather not use regions for every single one, is there another way? I am open to using jass...
  3. HerlySQR

    How necessary is "null" the variables?

    I heard you should "null" the variables when you don't need it anymore, but I saw people sometimes didn't do this when they recommend triggers, so when is necessary do this?
  4. Pikachu

    Noob To Variables - Need Help

    Trying to work on a trigger involving variables which is my weakness, along with custom scripts. Trying to make an item have a random chance of spawning in a choice of 4 different regions. Example: 30 seconds passes, the item spawns in one of those four regions, not knowing which region it will...
  5. Katermukke

    [Trigger] Creating a custom Hero selection using Arrow Keys

    Hi Guys, after years of not touching this game, i recently reinstalled the editor. Just playing around, trying to get back in to it (not that i was ever really in it to begin with). This is my first post so if this is the wrong place to ask for help, please tell me and i will post it somewhere...
  6. SkyCrawler

    Trying to use a string to teleport units from one region A to region B

    Disclaimer; I've looked through some tutorials and I've googled a fair bit but I'm coming up short. I'm not here to have someone write my triggers and variables for me, I'm just looking for some help in understanding how to use the tools correctly. If anyone could link a tutorial regarding...
  7. Yusuf123

    Help with Choosing Heroes and Camera Panning triggers

    Hello, Im making a small RPG-Campaign, the first map will allow you to choose a hero (6 heroes). What triggers and variables do I make for game caches in transferring to another map? Do i just replace a unit in the 2nd map with the game cached Hero? Camera Bounds, after a hero is chosen, what...
  8. InSaNe_97

    [General] Spawn unit goes into random region.

    Greetings! I have two little, easy-to-solve, problem and I'm asking asking for help. I'm pretty sure that pure title explained it. I make trigger that unit spawn in region "1", and then second trigger when that same unit enters in that region attack-move to another but unit spawn and don't going...
  9. InSaNe_97

    [General] Double-sided resources.

    Greetings! I need a bit of help, I need to make (for now just for gold) double-sided resources, let me introduce you what I mean. In incoming map I'm making (I will post it on Hive Workshop), player play with chosen hero, one of heroes available is "Shadow Demon", it is one hero with two bodies...
  10. Modding-Ivan

    [Trigger] Clarifying variables

    So i was trying to assign a location variable to another location variable also the logic of my trigger was all correct except that i notice is that when i try to reassign the latter variable it takes and removes the value of the former variable. If i may ask are gui variables pointers? Are...
  11. TheSilverhand

    Dota like Trigger Help?

    So, I'm trying to work on a file on my main map, which is to many it where when 6 towers fall, this vault becomes Vulnerable, but I can't understand the triggers, I barely understand Integers & how they work aside the Variable stuff. can anyone explain to me, How I can set it up where when the...
  12. Hobbitrash

    Attribute based Spells

    I am trying to figure out how to make abilities that has it's damage based on how much of an attribute you have ((Damage=Agility x 1.2) so if the agility is 40 you deal 48 damage) but I can't seem to figure out how it works, I have checked other threads but I can never get a full explanation on...