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user interface

  1. Super Mario

    Changing the time indicator skin

    Hi i'm creating a custom UI for reforged and am struggling with the time indicator skin. I changed humanuitile-timeindicator.dds (moon and sun image) and imported it as UI\Console\Human\Humanuitile-Timeindicator.dds but it won't work. I changed the mask-skins to alpha-images to test what...
  2. Ghostly Sallet

    Upgradable Hero Armor Icon Bugged

    Is there a way to make units that receive armor upgrades and use the hero armor type (left) use the proper icon with the upgrade level box (right)?
  3. biridius

    [JASS] What can change icon arrangement in the list of selected units (in the in-game ui)?

    I'm experiencing an issue in my map, not sure if I can explain it coherently... The situation: multiple units are selected, all with items; one of them is focused as the main selected unit (with bigger icon, and portrait of that unit being displayed) I click one of the items, and lots of...
  4. NightKnight

    Reforged UI Designer

    Allow me to introduce you to the: Ultimate Reforged UI Designer (RUID) There is now a new thread for this tool. This thread is no longer being updated. - Designed to take Map modding to the next level, with graphical Frame creation and adjustment. - Made for everyone, from the humble GUI...
  5. NightKnight

    Need Typescript/Javascript coders

    This is for my map: Fantasy Life. It is slightly similar LoaP in the regard that it has jobs, but mostly different. More details in the map link. So some of the things that we will be making: Tens of mini-games using Frames and UI for jobs and events. (the main point) UI for almost anything...
  6. Glint

    [Lua] Console Window at Runtime

    Hello! I had this idea since Blizzard implemented Lua and the custom user-interface in Warcraft III. When I was testing my other projects (Perlin Noise, File IO, Network), I'm using player chat event and Lua's load function as an input, DisplayPlayerTextMessage/print for output, to debug my...
  7. deepstrasz

    GhostWolf needs an UI maker for his web model viewer

    GhostWolf is the creator of the HiveWorkshop's web/site integrated model viewer, the MDX Sanity Tester as well as many things from which others have drawn inspiration and created tools. Model Viewer: MDX Sanity Tester: Mdx sanity tester Sanity Test | HIVE GhostWolf requires someone to design...
  8. Mayday

    Hiding Extended UI Panels

    Within this tutorial, you'll find how to remove the extended interface panels on Classic Graphics. To clarify, we're talking about what is displayed in the image below. To remove these panels, only two imports are required, depending on the amount of races you're looking to remove the...
  9. Cheshire

    [Spell] way to detect when UI hero button clicked?

    hey there, how can I detect when the hero UI button is clicked? (I mean the image of the hero on the top left of the screen) I have a hero who I hid, but I want to trigger certain actions when it's button is clicked. somehow BC the hero is hidden - basing stuff off of when the unit is...
  10. Planetary

    [Lua] Minimalist UI

    [/hidden] The code came out rather hideous as it was torn apart and put back together several times but it's a working demo with lots of comments. (Note: this was my first time diving into local player code, so it's possible the end product is totally busted in multiplayer.) Here are some...
  11. Kithio

    Tooltip Border [Sin'dorei by I3lackDeath]

    I was just wonderring if anyone could make a tooltip border to go with this UI pack released by I3lackDeath I'm a horrible spriter and haven't the slightest idea on where to start when it comes to making textures for Wc3 related UI as well, I don't know if the files are lock ratios or if we can...