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  1. M

    [Campaign] Some NIGHT ELF missions from a campaign I'm not going to work on

    Not really gonna reveal too much. I'm going to delete these files from my computer, as well as W3 to free up my time. You can take a look at these out of curiosity. These are far from finished of course, but technically playable, even winnable. The first mission's point is to destroy the UD base...
  2. SpiritTauren

    [Role Playing Game] Fallout Tactics: Feral Despair (FTFD). Test Version Release.

    ---This section is to be updated--- Development period: 2018-... Note: most features listed below are already fully implemented in framework. I humbly ask people who downloaded the test version to post their feedback here. The map probably still has lots of bugs. Type /Credits in game to...
  3. Rondstat

    [Campaign] Legacy of the Master (Horde Campaign-2nd War)

    Legacy of the Master It has been five years since the Orcish Horde abandoned their dying home for the verdant world of Azeroth. Five years of slaughter, bloodlust, and fel rage. Now, the young warchief Orgrim Doomhammer has reclaimed the Horde, desperate to restore the Orcs' honor. But can...
  4. D

    [Role Playing Game] Destiny & Quilette

    Hello everyone, I've no idea if this is the right place for it or if anyone knows me at all. However I've worked on some maps in the past and they're entirely unfinished, I was wondering if anyone at all felt like picking these up and working on these in advance. They're entirely allowed to be...