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  1. Grish

    [SD/Modeling] Looking For Unarmed Character Models (Male & Female)

    I'm looking for a number of unarmed character models for RPG purposes, a variety of races, male and female. I found a bundle of player models ported from WoW that have the idea I'm looking for, but some of their file sizes are large, and it doesn't include any female characters. I've only been...
  2. Mathayis

    Un armed human model *Request*

    Hey there! Just working on a cinematic and I'm in need two character models. One that represents an un- armed, scruffy, drunk old man...and also one where he's normal, healthy and happy.... He's the father of one of my main characters, but after a tragic event he becomes a drunkard XD...... I...
  3. Mathayis

    Wolf Model request and more

    Hey there, I'm on the hunt for some models for my upcoming Rpg "Good & Evil III" What I'm looking for is a Wolf model very similar to Feral Bearwolf where it has the ability to walk on its hind legs and *Morph* to walk on all fours... But with better textures if at all possible, and with no...
  4. Mathayis

    Looking for some unarmed Human models.

    Hi there, I'll be working on a new rpg soon once I'm finished the one I'm working on, and am desperately trying to find unarmed (Weaponless) custom models, that are Human. There are a few really nice ones i've seen on this site, but there aren't that many. I'd like to make a request. What i'm...