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  1. Warcraft III - Reforged (Custom UI) - YouTube

    Warcraft III - Reforged (Custom UI) - YouTube

    This is first preview of my WC3 Reforged (Single Player) project. Just a small demonstration of what is possible to achiev, with Lua + .fdfs + 1.32 natives. ...
  2. Tasyen

    UI: Showing 3 Multiboards

    The Frame natives are quite powerful and allow us to show more than 1 working multiboard at the same time. There are some stuff one needs to know to do that. First one has to know that after a multiboard is shown the first time, its framehandle can be accessed with...
  3. Tasyen

    UI: OriginFrames

    Jump to Hiding Jump to ChildFrames Originframetypes are built in frames managing the default game ui. ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is our key to generate new container frames. In other tutorials and in many examples, ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is used as parent for custom created frames. That is done because...
  4. Tasyen

    UI: Positionate Frames

    Introduction Frames positions are important and are the key to place frames where one wants them to be. To positionate frames there exist 4 natives. All 4 have great uses. native BlzFrameSetPoint takes framehandle frame, framepointtype point, framehandle relative, framepointtype relativePoint...
  5. Tasyen

    UI: Change Lumber Text

    This is an example showing how to change the shown text in the lumber box at the top of the screen, using jass. First we need to know how the frame showing the lumber text is called. It is called "ResourceBarLumberText". After one knows the frames name, one gets access to it by using...
  6. Tasyen

    Default Names for BlzGetFrameByName

    Introduction This list was generated by reading/interpreting all fdf files from warcraft 3 ptr 1.31 and reading all words in "". LeaderBoard/Multiboard/TimerDialog do only work when the map created such ones. LogDialog is only used in SinglePlayer. Chat Frames are only used in Multiplayer. Quest...