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  1. Cheshire

    [vJASS] code not working... ?

    this is supposed to create 1 TC for each player, and put it in the unit group HEROES if it belongs to a computer controlled player. It's not doing anything. where did I go wrong? (there is no traceback error) library StartThings initializer Init globals public group HEROES =...
  2. Ashes3030

    Extended World Editor Startup Issue

    Issue: Sharpcraft WEX installed, with the following dependencies: .NET 4.6.1 Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (x86) Program is run using Admin permission. On startup, no additional features are loaded in, just a generic World Editor on startup. Troubleshooting: I...
  3. LordHatchet95

    MiscData.txt: What to do today with it?

    Greetings everyone, LordHatchet95 here. So, I've been trying to get the "MiscData.txt" working, but lately I'm having problems doing so... I tried to search for answers but got none... So the only option for now is asking directly. What I need is detailed instructions about the file, meaning...
  4. Cheshire

    [Solved] damage sharing - damage engine troubleshooting

    TLDR: this thread kind of changed topic mid flight, the main topic - I am trying to get damage engine to help me transfer the damage one unit gets to a different one, and for some reason having trouble doing this. I'm using damage engine V5.6.0 bc I'm using patch 1.31.1. hey all, I'm trying...
  5. Cheshire

    [Solved] spell isn't working

    hey there, here is a spell I made which is supposed to create a ward that saps gold from owners of nearby buildings. It's not working. (using bribe's unit indexer). bank tunnel Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit))...
  6. Yahya

    Map not showing ingame on BNET custom game host.

    Trying to host an custom version of the map " WarChasers" I can play it off editor fine. When im trying to host it it doesnt appear in game as an option. It isn't there. Why is this? I placed it in Documents, Warcraft III, Maps with the name "XO". Is there any hope? Is it because I edited a...
  7. Xeryxoz

    Wc3 Problem [Need Help]

    I really don't know where to put this request. I've started having problems with my WC3 a few days ago that I cannot solve on my own. Some models such as fire breath or explosion (The regular sfx for spells) suddenly disappeared, literally the models just vanished. To be more clear, they do...