troll and elves

  1. Marchombre

    Searching "Troll and Elves" creator

    Hello guys ! I need some help as I'm stuck :vw_death: Here is my problem: I would like to contact the original creator of the "Troll and Elves" map. I saw here that the original creator is someone called "IaMfReNcH". I would like to confirm that's the right guy, and find a way to contact him...
  2. Fintrik

    [Solved] Less triggers

    Hello everyone i tried to make a system that will be similiar to the system like in the troll and elves ->choosing maps but there are a lot of triggers (11 triggers) so i need help how to remove some triggers and make it 100 percent functional
  3. Fintrik

    Floating text above buildings like in the troll and elves

    Hi everyone i am making on map that is based on troll and elves but i need to know how to make floating text like in troll and elves. I know how to do it but its a lot buggy. If you know how to do it without any bugs then reply please thanks.
  4. Fintrik

    How to change price above 100000

    Hello everyone i am working on map tht is based on the troll and elves but i dont know how to get the price above 100000. I tried to find it in the game constants but its not there and i tried to find it on some forums too. so if someone know how to do it please reply