1. Captain_Teemo

    Need assistance i can't figure out how to make text appear when hovering over something

    Hi, I'm trying to create signs that will display text to the one hovering over the sign with their mouse. A good example of what i'm talking about is how floor signs work in Origin Z. I only want the text to show for the one hovering over the sign as this will be used for teleporters and having...
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] "Fleeing" system

    Hey people, I am creating AI for a map of mine, and I'm trying to create a function to make a unit flee from units that are chasing it. The problem is that it could be chased by multiple units at the same time, and I'm not sure how I would be able to create a system that would detect which...
  3. Homor

    [General] Revolving unit control based on player absence?

    Need a little help with a player system in my newest map. There are four players in the playable force. I want to make it so that if one leaves, the now-empty player is set to treat every other player as an ally with shared unit control. I need to have this work for every single one of the first...
  4. stonneash

    Object Oriented Triggering?

    Lvl 1: Would it be possible to create classes and instances? Lvl 2: Would it be possible to incorporate encapsulation? Lvl 3: Would it be possible to create super and sub classes?