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town hall

  1. Borgusul

    [SD/Modeling] Can no longer find High Elf Town Hall Building

    Maybe I've been dreaming this and my request is fairly vague, but I recall there being a High Elf-esque town hall model of sorts that was different from MatiS's models (which are great), where there was something of a magic well in the center. For the life of me, I can no longer find this model...
  2. Darious

    Can someone please make the 3 stages of the high/blood elf town hall and Blacksmith reforged?

    As the title suggests please someone make it happen.
  3. Standhaft

    [General] How to make High Elf Town Hall?

    I am just making a map with custom armies for humans (just humans & dwarves), high elves, and Warcraft 2 style Horde. So far everything is working fine and I managed to figure out all the issues along the way except for the high elves. I made a copy of the town hall, keep, and castle which I...
  4. jure25

    Transferring gold from a gold mine to another gold mine

    I want to make a map where I have workers mine gold from a gold mine and bring it to a storage. And then I would use a different worker type to take the gold from the storage and return it to a town hall. If it helps I found a map from user DragoonZombie that makes gold mines not explode when...

    [Mapping] Town Hall Revealing Trigger for Altered Melee (between 1.27a and 1.24e patch)

    TOWN HALL REVEALING TRIGGER FOR ALTERED MELEE MAP Tested on Frozen Throne Patch There is a TOWN HALL REVEALING problem when you make custom town hall, and some people suggest you to remove this script from default melee initialization: Melee Game - Enforce victory/defeat...
  6. Zephyrius2412

    Problem with Tech Tree / Dependency

    Hello ! I'm big fan of the World Editor but I've some problems. I'm creating a set of new races, I wanted to add my new heroes, town halls and altars in the game constants in their respective equivalent dependency type (Equivalent dependency - Altars/Town Halls/Heroes). 1) When I train one of...