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total war

  1. Gerhajdu89

    [Strategy / Risk] Renaissance: Total War

    Renaissance: Total War A strategy map that takes place in Europe from 1400 AD to 1600 AD. Players will be able to conquer enemy cities and fight land battles on large maps. The playable factions: England France Kingdom of Castille The Holy Roman Empire Denmark Poland Lithuania Republic of...
  2. valkemiere

    [Strategy / Risk] Siege of Xiapi

    Siege of Xiapi Author : Valkemiere Map Type : Strategy Total War + Dynasty Warrior Objective : Defeat Lu Bu Summary : Up to 15 Players. Each player can pick kind of troops at start of game. Maximum 50 units. 15 Team against AI Computer.
  3. SNIper of DARKness

    Interactive Map Program Help

    I'm looking for a website or program that would allow me to more easily make custom maps for campaigns: Example: Currently I have a base map with the forts and have to modify it everytime a player makes a turn, it's very time consuming. I'm just looking for a program or a website that's...