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  1. TastyBamboo

    Work flow as a team advice tooltip related

    Hello! I am working with a team on a map for their next update. Specifically all their tooltips need updating (for now). What is a good way to work on all the tooltips and give them the work? There are about 300 or more abilities to update. A moment ago I was given TTcreator to try, but I'm...
  2. A Rather Wily Beaver

    Tooltips keep changing after I edit them?

    Hi all, I'm not really sure what to say other than the title; I'm making a new ability for my project, and the ability's tooltips keep on changing to "Q" after I enter them. For example, I type in "Learn: Inner Flame," add the Inner Flame Ability to a unit, load up the test map, and when I go...
  3. KvickaN

    [Solved] All my tooltips are gone/empty

    Edit: Fixed, after lots of testing I forgot I had imported war3map.wts so thats why the saving did not work. Now it saves correctly again, just have to rewrite everything. Lesson learned. Always keep a backup. :-) Hi, Got a major issue, all my tooltips have gone missing. I spent about half a...
  4. Sgt.Fluffy

    [General] I've got a weird one for you guys... Object Editor refuses to show ability tooltips

    So out of nowhere, my World Editor started acting up. I was working on a map that doesn't have any special or strange triggers (no coding, etc...), my Warcraft III is fully-updated, as is my editor, and I've tried re-running the editor with administrator access, as well as downloading Jass...
  5. Ydwriter

    Health Bars, Icon tooltips/texts, and Building placement are missing after cinematic

    Please help me. I was planning to make a campaign and the my first full cinematic chapter is completed. But I'm having problem at my second chapter and its a playable chapter. The health bars, Icon tooltips/text are missing after my cinematic. And when I click a building, the cursor is gone...
  6. TheAyalalalalon

    Dynamic tooltips

    Hello. i thought it was a good idea a tooltip that updates himself using as referce an external source like the hero attributes as raw data Something like having on current unit 23 agilty points, write Deals <E003,Agility> magic damage to a target enemy And this should show Deals 23 magic...